Ludo Tomato Sauce

Ludo Sauce  
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Ludo Sauce

Tomato Sauce is a basic recipe, I am aware.The truth is after being taught by Chef Ludo Lefebvre how to make tomato I really wont be going back to my own recipe this is how its done now and forever! Yes I do have a little Ludo on my head on this one! (If this doesn’t make sense refer to the show The Taste UK Video clips)

Ludo is a very “shouty french chef”, he  would make an amazing muppet character,! He shouted at me one day “You need to have a little Ludo in your head” all in a very thick french accent – got to be seen to be believed.


I also thought as a cook I knew how to make a pretty decent tomato sauce that has many uses but this is truly a universal sauce that makes a big batch, update and store in your fridge, freeze in an ice cube tray to drop into casseroles , spaghetti bolognese base, curries, use for subs/sandwiches, anything and you can personalise it as much as you like with heat, herbs, spices to truly make it your own.

Recipe – Ludo Sauce

This makes a big batch and again remember you can personalise it to your taste , the basic structure of the sauce remains the same.

Makes as big as your pan can take volume!

Time- prep time about 10 mins

Cooking time as long as you can – minimum of 45 mins longer the better

Equipment needed

  • Big Pan with Lid
  • Tin Opener
  • Spoon (one that wont disappear into your pan!)
  • Knife for chopping (remember to make sure its sharp a blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp one in a kitchen, doesn’t need to be expensive)
  • Ice cube tray, Jars, tubs, bottles , bags etc anything you can store any leftovers in


  • Good quality plum tinned tomatoes x 6 ( I have said before the hero ingredient needs to to be the best value you can afford, also you can use less and more tins as you make the recipe time after time, you can do small batches, big batches  )
  • Garlic Cloves x 4 very thinly sliced ( now again if you like a lot of garlic add more, if you like less add less)
  • Salt and Pepper ( freshly ground the better, White Pepper and Fleur de Sel now sit on my shelf permanently but again use the best you can afford)
  • Dried Chilli Flakes ( again add a tsp or sprinkle at a time and keep tasting as it cooks, food is about YOUR taste not just a recipe)
  • Butter 100g this is the odd part and what makes it amazing, truly again its not the hero product  I use supermarket home brand in this )
  • Olive Oil 100ml ( this is another personal preference and a good quality always helps)
  • Herbs – this is your personal preference totally and will allow you to play with this sauce so many times, I add Rosemary, sage, Oregano and Thyme also Lemon Myrtle and keep tasting as you make it it really is very personal to you, you DONT even need to addd herbs if you don’t want it does stand alone as its own sauce without
  • Sugar to your taste ( substitute with agave if required)

How to 

  • Slice your garlic cloves VERY thinly
  • Put a spoonful of Olive Oil in the pan and allow the garlic to cook on a medium heat until soften and just turing to colour – will take about 5 minutes, keep an eye on it burnt garlic is NOT a pleasant base for a sauce
  • Pour in the tins in tomatoes ( recycle your tins please)
  • Add your salt and pepper
  • Add the butter ( i just throw it in no need to dice etc it will melt!)
  • Add your Olive Oil
  • Allow to cook for 10-15 mins on a low-medium heat ( the sauce will bubble a little and can splash out the pan so pop a lid on if required less mess!)
  • Add small amounts of your Chilli flakes, once its in you cant take out ,TASTE
  • Add small amounts of your choice of herbs – TASTE
  • Add small amounts sugar at this point, if you like a sweeter edge to your sauce – TASTE
  • Now allow to cook for another 30 mins
  • Mush down the whole plum tomatoes so you don’t have big chunks in through the cooking process ( unless you like big chunks!)
  • Add more butter or oil as you see fit….I add a little more sat the last 5 mins- TASTE
  • Voila your sauce is made , I do cook mine for hours its truly spectacular
  • Bag, store, bottle, or use as you require for any recipe that requires tomato sauce

Possible personalisation

Your list is endless

  • add dill for a fish based recipe,
  • add more cumin, coriander, homemade garam marsala, spice for a curry sauce,
  • add dates, raisins, sumac for a Moroccan recipe
  • add Worcestershire sauce , bourbon and brown sugar for a very light BBQ

Be as creative as you want to be , thats the fun and love of cooking , a great recipe basic is yours to make your very own


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