Lapsong Souchang Smoked Chicken with Apricot and Seared Mango Salad

This recipe is delicious , healthy and needs a bit of prep but any spare smoked chicken will last for 1week in your fridge too, so really worthwhile a little effort

Hertfordshire County Show 2014

I made this cooking on a Napoleon BBQ for a demonstration over 2 days at The Hertfordshire County Show ( May 23/24th) and it was well received there too.

napolean Grills

smoking box or smoking tube ( I use Napolean Grills UK)
BBQ if your cooking outside or you can smoke in your oven too
Tub that can sit in your fridge or sealed freezer bag
Scales/ measuring spoons of like me hands!
As with all my recipes, get prepared weigh, lay out and have everything to hand


As with all my recipes please do get the best quality chicken you possibly can, free range organic ( the best your budget can spare),

I really believe spending your budget well on the hero products positively impacts your overall dish…. With the fruit you can get extra soft / just turning as these will caramelise better with the sugar content making them cheaper.

Chicken Breast x 4 , Butterflied to assist with cooking and brining

Lapsong souchang tea leaves ( I use Bellevue Tea due to their quality) but you could buy any , even tea bags and split open to release the tea leaves ( Bellevue Tea)

Brining liquid –
65g ( 2 good handfuls ) Salt, I use Maldon flakes as they dissolve quickly
75g ( 2 dsp approximately) honey or golden syrup
1tsp crunched pink peppercorns
1tsp any oil,
2 garlic cloves crushed skin on is ok
1 red chilli spliced in the middle keeping it whole
1 tsp fish sauce,
Either chop up fresh ginger about a thumb size of use preserved ginger Jar of -cut up 1 piece, and 2tsp of the ginger liquid syrup
1tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp dried chilli flakes

Use any salad leaves you have Raddichio, rocket, watercress I recommend as there peppery flavour compliment the smoky chicken but truly any fresh salad leaves work
1 mango ( cut into into segments)
2 fresh apricots ( cut into segments)

The Dressing is
Olive oil about 4dsp,
pinch of salt & pepper,
lime or lemon juice , rind of either the lime or lemon
2dsp of rice wine vinegar
Dressing pomegranate seeds

Brining Liquid- need to prepare 24 hours in advance –

Put all the brining ingredients into pan of 750ml or approx 1/2 medium saucepan of water and allow to simmer until all salt has dissolved, allow to cool completely.

Once cool pour over butterflied chicken breast with skin on or off ( I use with , remove skin and make crispy coriander salted chicken skin on the BBQ with the skin)

Allow Chicken to sit in brine for minimum of 3 hours in the fridge ( longer is fine )

Then take out of brine, wipe dry and then place chicken uncovered back in the fridge for minimum 12 hours -overnight best to dry out and allow the salt to sink into the chicken better

Using the smoking box place the tea leaves dried into the smoker – place in BBQ and close lid, when the few clouds of smoke are coming out – place chicken on grill or foil and close lid on low-medium heat , allow to smoke with lid down for 20-30 minutes, checking that chicken is cooked by cutting into slightly.

Or if cooking on the oven – place smoker box in the oven on max heat to get the leaves smoke , turn down when you see vapours and pop chicken in as above

Whilst the chicken is smoking prepare salad
Rip, chop or snip your salad leaves onto plates
Place 4 Apricot segments per serving
Place the mango segments onto the BBQ or pop in a pan in a medium flame and allow to sear, the sugars caramelise adding flavour and colour.

Mix / whisk all salad dressing ingredients together

Once chicken is smoked slice into pieces to arrange on the salad leaves, pie dressing over , apricots and mango segments and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds




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