Thanks for popping by and checking out the recipes.

I have thought this through as how would I like to see the recipes and easy to find, plus making sure you have the equipment which candidly is not a lot. I am a true gadget queen although when I am writing recipes I use wine bottles as rolling pins and give you options, some recipes are easier with fancy gadgets. Reality is most are not needed, each to their own. The options are there for you.


When it comes to ingredients I have one BIG rule and that is the hero product of your dish needs to be the best quality you can afford

So thats it, all the recipes are made by me and tried and tested, over several years for most and eaten by many!

I welcome, actually love comments and suggestions as I believe that every recipe is a bastardisation of another anyway so no ownership or preciousness required.

Please throw yourself in, cooking is a fabulous skill that ANYONE can have, I’m told like singing (which I am terrible at) although I don’t practice it so you never know I could be great at it!




Please Let Us Know Your Thoughts, Comments Or Anything You Would Like to Add

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