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– A year in the life of casual dining

Delicieux came to life on December 29th 2012,

and came to rest on December 29th 2013

A very simple and quick review of one year in the life of a new business.

A  year of learning’s, smiles, tears, tantrums, happiness and overall enlightenment that food was my true love and calling.

From thought to conception it took 2 months of frantic working, stripping floors, cleaning, scrubbing, making it food standard, creating a quirky, causal dining environment not seen in the town where I lived. 2 months wasn’t enough time, 2 months didn’t create the right planning from the start and this created some serious bumps along the way, more about that later.

A lot of people ask the name Delicieux  (De-lis-e-uh), the name is derived from my initials DHE- I wanted something that would have a back story and by thinking of food associated things looked at

Delicious Homemade Entertaining

the crux of what I wanted the deli/diner to be, all about.

A place of homemade, delicious, quality food, relaxed, informal, great quality and ultimately different from anything else and then this sounded to narcissistic my own initials, I love the flow of foreign languages and the love of French food and

Delicieux Repas Artisanal

was born a true translation. It was too long and clumsy to say so


was taken as the forerunner and stuck, although one of my gripes was that people couldn’t say it and used the old name of the site before which as a new owner is frustrating and also a personal learning, I took way to much personally another huge learning.

Before the doors opened- We were taking over an existing site, one that hadn’t achieved its own goals, one that had been deli/café and I had ideas, retail experience and vision that it could be successful.

It was truly hard work, not that I shy away from that, this was graft, painting, stripping, plastering, relocating equipment, spending money and time was exhausting but exhilarating knowing you were building something that was yours – truly understand why people are self employed and the difference of emotion and impact vs being an employee.

The year saw people come and go, some customers became friends, we had great, amazing comments we had negative comments.

We got it right so many times , everyday had great in it,   but although we didn’t get it right all the time.

I can reflect on this I had the sentiment, focus and goal to make it right for every customer and ~I couldn’t please everybody and that hurt personally.

I could add more and more and will do more updates later in time, I’m just glad i have written something about my year of entering into the food market …..Now for another year of food excitement

 Learning’s and observations from a year in Food 

I did something’s right, I did something’s wrong…ALL the learning’s  go with me wherever I go 

This isn’t exhaustive I can keep adding and adding, the one thing I can say is live your dream, if its what you want do it.

DO NOT RUSH INself belief is great, reality check is another Finances are critical and robust business plan PLAN PLAN PLAN PLAN PLAN and then PLAN some more Remember why your doing it. CUSTOMER comes first they pay the bills Have robust operations planning, structure and organization 
Do not shy away from anything when its wrong   Review your business weekly, daily is too micro Include your Team and create business owners Don’t trust anyone when they say trust me Look after your suppliers
Think Local Network well Have reserve funds £ to support you Have a budget and do NOT exceed it, its ok to close a business that isn’t working Size doesn’t matter , you can open a business in a small site and  grow.
Recruit the best people you can  Train, coach, support your team Step away and be ON your business NOT IN it Stick to your plan Don’t keep changing customers like consistency
Be different   Have a USP Respect your competition   Believe in yourself   Have support and ask for help

I am currently supporting small food business start-ups with talks, insights and planning tools and overall candid review at all stages of trading.

Get in touch if you would like me to assist you.


2 thoughts on “Delicieux

  1. Hi There
    Congatulations on your success… Could you supply a quote please about how you felt on winning ‘The Taste’ to Living In BL Newspaper.
    Many thanks and may I wish you every success in the future.



    1. Hi, I am delighted to have won such an amazing cooking competition. It has been a truly motivating experience confirming my ability to cook. I had the creative madness of mentor of Chef Ludo Lefebvre and worked with 12 amazing cooks/chefs with an all woman final and Dixie, Kelly, Chloe and I spurring each other on. I am so excited about next steps in my cooking career doing pop up restaurants, cooking lessons, HomeChef, events and appearances already booked getting booking me now on


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