Radio Show : The Food Show

bolton fm


Im very fortunate that after winning The taste the opportunity was offered for me to have my own show. Its on a non commercial radio station, 96.5Bolton FM  

The show started in May 2014 and since has evolved from a part time show share, to fortnightly to now a weekly Food Show every Thursday 7-8pm.

I have to say I love it, I have chosen to progress it in 2015- make it a bit slicker well in organisation anyway- I have a bit of a giggle on the radio so my presentation skills are a natural, chatty format but with the occasional slip up!

Coming up will be Guest Interviews, Monthly CookBook Look reviews, Restaurant Reviews,  Recipes of course its brimming with those, Seasonal and Local /UK producers. Food Trends, Live reports from my PopUP and Events,  and a whole lot more

Each week the Listen again will be posted ( at this moment it lasts for 6 weeks from the date of recording, but Im told this will change and they will be eternally available!)

If you have something Foodie to offer get in touch and email me at




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