About ….


About us…well me, I am a married working mum of 3.my amazing husband backing me all the way the foodie future is my own and this is my evidence of it!. My own bambino’s  watching on the sidelines at mum, well grown ups really 12, 19, and 22 and 2 step children 15,12 with a lilt of amusement at whats she doing next!

Me personally a little bit manic, sometimes humorous, a pessimistic fighting daily to be an optimist! I chose to quit the corporate and employed world in 2012 and start working in food, with no formal training, no real awareness of what working in food entailed and here I am, set up my business dhe food ( the Debbie Halls-Evans bit easy but its got lots of connotations, delicious homemade eating, delicious homemade entertaining, delicieux repas artisanal, delicious healthy eating oh i could go on ), we will stick with dhefood and Home Of Real Food for now.


I ran a Deli cum Causal eating place for a year as a trial to see how, what and if its the future….we called it Delicieux and we had lots of fun, misadventures, activities and there is a section on my blog that shares the story and photos of that year ( its worth a a look at I have spoken with many individuals who have wanted to start their own deli/coffee shop etc to support, aid, disway or shout go for it). It truly was a year of FULL ON learnings and ones that i will carry with me, and onto our new site ….currently in planning….


So this blog is about me, food, more food, foodie adventures, the journey ( cliche i know), a few throw ins of the family escapades to entertain and just an opportunity to get in touch with more foodie types, people of interest and overall make life enjoyable doing things that are nice, pleasant sociable hopefully challenging and potentially making food accessible and real to all

join in or not, i leave it to you to decide


6 thoughts on “About ….

  1. Dear Debbie,

    My name is Daniela, I’m 30 and I live in Milan.
    I’m writing you because I’d like to collaborate with your website.
    It’s really good and the pics look terrific!

    I was thinking of guest posting about food, Italian lifestyle, Mediterranean recipes (pics included).
    Should you be interested just let me know.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Grazie mille!



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  2. Hi Debbie my mum and I attended your cookery demo today and really enjoyed it. Can you tell me where j can find the recipe for the strawberry and black pepper cheesecake. It was lovely meeting you today


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