60 Day Challenge

2016 , actually 718 days and counting,

(from the day this was published 4th August 2014)

 Day 1, Week 1

To Make a Change You have to Start

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2016 will see me completing an Ironman UK Challenge, as someone entering into their 44th year and not particularly fit ( well actually very unfit and actually 70lbs overweight) this is a huge goal and driver for me.

(My husband is doing Ironman 2015 so this is also dedicated to him)

Im very determined and also making it very public means I have the motivation ,( and the shaming, the photographs are me looking unhappy, uncomfortable, dissatisfied.A part of my motivation techniques- im not a pat and praise more head down and not to fail kind of person),  to achieve all my goals, the training starts with a 60 day Insanity Challenge, High Intensity training using your own body weight and its a tough class, minimum of 6 sessions per week and then throwing in some swimming, running, spinning and by 2015 I will start outdoor cycling and outdoor swimming to really get the gears ramped up. 2014/15 focus is weight loss driven to ensure that i am at the optimum weight to truly achieve the goal of completing the Ironman

This section will focus on a more clean recipes that I will be making and also my weight loss/training progress blogs and inspirations I get along the way

I am training with the V1ntage team based in Bolton  (my local town ,Knowsley Street , check out their website http://www.V1ntage.co.uk

Any comments , inspiration or just feedback please feel free to comment


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