All Change

So its been a while and its worth the wait, as it’s all about to change sooooooo very much here in the world of HORFLL.

I have been quiet’ish on posting updates and the reasons will become crystal. I changed the logo a while ago when it was very clear that after working over a year with my husband in his business (RLC) , and the one food demo I did at Yorkshire Day over in that there Wentbridge House Hotel loveliness that my whole food perspective storytelling was going to change.

It wasn’t just all about food it was about  life and living too, the real elements. Candidly the role of my family being added in was not the story either, it was more about lifestyle, interiors, products I like, stories I enjoyed and that we could all love and also the link to my role at RLC about Life and all it encompasses and ultimately without pissing people off who just want recipes, I hope that from a sharing point of view what I have posted in the last 6 month has been ok , readable and if so relevant.

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So where does that leave us and why more change…well the exciting part we are now going to be on the move, for a long while. The business has a large presence and focus in the States and also gives us the flexibility to be anywhere, and I mean anywhere so why the heck not. We are not tied to a specific desk, we aren’t bound by others demands.

We are changing the talk to doing. 

Home Of Real Food, Life and Living will be just that, find out where we are living and what its like experiencing new countries, cultures, food and most of all travel adventures. It should be a blast am sure with its own challenges and opportunities along the way.

Our first adventure starts Mid October with our travels to winter sunshine, our destination will be updated on the first Travelogue update. Watch this space as I video, photo, and write. To put anyones mind at rest no I am not bikini worthy and wont fill your screens with glamourous shots! Well only of  lots of food, drink, sea, sand, Monty Dog, mountains, fun, people, interiors, stuff we find along the way worth sharing and more……


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