Long Time, No See!


I am not a chef.

I enjoy cooking and am fortunately very good at it!

This blog was set up during a period of my life that saw momentous change. Closing my business (was still paying for that for a long time, although not anymore through sheer hard work,  another long story, it did feel like a punishment), Winning a TV show, travelling alone across USA, cooking , demonstrations in front of large crowds, talks, private cooking events, restaurant chef experiences, radio show host, recipe writer, the list does go on when what I’ve always done has been a “company” corporate employee – a cog in the wheel of commerce! The blog has morphed into a blend of “Real Life…” elements Food, Living and Life as I felt it was more apt than just an overload of my cooking experiences and as my public cooking got less and less, I withdrew from the food scene as quickly as I joined it.

I have written another closed blog chronicling my ups an downs – to maintain a semblance of sanity- as this has always been an upbeat recipe, adventure diary type blog focus and one that I have and do truly enjoy writing , when I get round to it.




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