Committed or I should be?! I declared no commitment to any new years resolutions although I am committed to making changes throughout my life I seem to misstep very easily, distracted by something or a-n-other. My ramblings without a recipe become a fun thing and without any flow just ebb!

As I write this its Winnie The Pooh day I thought Id honour the post with some popular wisdom from the said WTP!


Back to being committed or not -I am, as you may well know a voracious reader and my goal on being an expert generalist is still a commitment I want to keep except I’m a walking oxymoron. I want to be fabulously knowledgeable so I can be the best dinner guest and conversationalist although I don’t enjoy many events much prefer locked away in my house cave.

I love the theory of minimalism but have wall to wall bookshelves of my beloved books I could never share or distribute,  and a kitchen full of gadgets that each has its own story and personal adept requirement for very specific tasks.

I schedule time, reminders and alarms to write my blog posts and I look at them as they go off and then go and do something else? I snooze my alarm clock more times than should ever be necessary and then rush when I had plenty of time.

I signed up for a mammoth challenge and still haven’t started the training, read everything possible on how to just not the actuality of doing started yet.

Is this plain old procrastination or just not being committed and my final note of non worth is from AA himself because no matter what it doesnt really matter whether I’m committed or not!



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