New Year Ruminations

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A slideshow of some of my favourite things- interlaced with some of my own creations too! (Photo Credits-  from Donna Hay, Renee Anjanette, Me, Freemasons Wiswell, Salty Seattle and if I haven’t named them I am sorry as i haven’t written it down!)

New Year Ruminations

So its that time when everyone reflects, reviews the past 12 months either regrets, wishes they had done those goals they wrote, gone to the gym more, eat less, drank less, not sworn as much, read more, travelled more, said what they really thought, more care for others, been nicer, been tougher, been braver, been a better partner/daughter/sibling/friend etc. I have to say I could add my own to this list then remind myself that self beration doesn’t do anything, isnt beneficial and ultimately becomes self destructive.

So my personal ruminations are going to be focussed on the positive because –

  • Shit Happens
  • People Die
  • I get very annoyed by following the pack and the celeb thing
  • Media hype drives me bonkers on negativity and the mass view is not how it is most of the time

Remaining positive is more of a challenge and as a  daily activity of searching and finding out great information, new ideas, new thoughts/opinion weekly and my  quest to understand more I also feel sometimes overwhelmed on how little I do know.

Here are 2 of my favourite Lists of  Good Things that happened around the World in 2016

Good List 2016 ,

25 World 2016 Good Things,

These lists show how amazing so many people are by saving others selflessly, caring and doing/ making shit happen which always inspires me.

resources Quartz and Kickass facts

For my own list it entails the simplicity of life and some stupidity!

  1. New job which I am loving
  2. New sofa- huge and so comfy
  3. Kids and Hubby are all healthy (1 pregnant too!)
  4. Still very happily married
  5. No sickness – feeling blessed
  6. Monty Dog- a true delight
  7. Paid off all my debt
  8. Signed up for an Ironman?!
  9. Lots of travel and been to 5 States never been to before
  10. Gave to worthwhile time,money and support to 3 main charities

I didn’t save the world, create any vaccines,  or do anything momentous for world peace. I made 2016 my own in my own way.

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Now missing from this list is some cooking and making a difference through it- this is a huge pondering for me as I love my cooking and it has given me many opportunities to do some great things. 2017 I will do something ….just right now not sure what? Any ideas pass my way.

As I waffle my way through a unnecessary blog post which is ultimately a message to myself I realise that I may fall into the trap of boring I wanted to to add and share at least something of value and my personal favourite things of 2016 (many remaining the same from previous years!)

So may I announce the HORF Awards  2016 ( ha ha not announced to anybody just my personal love of this year)

Best Website

Food 52  still the best for so many great articles, food and likewise associated

Best CookBook

This year has seen a focus on simplification of food and lots of writers creating books about how simple cooking is  less ingrediants, great quality think Diane Henry and her beautiful Simple (a great cookbook like all her others). Lots of celeb and Guest Chef books this year too.

This is a tough and got it down to 3….. which is really hard as I bought over 40 of them in 2016! Plus it always amazes me how many recipe books recipes don’t work at home!

Jackie Kearney (MasterChef) Vegan Street Food  fabulous stories and recipes that are wonderful, tasty and work when made at home.

Dan Doherty of Duck & Waffle Toast, Hash, Roast and Mash a focus on simple food and a great cookbook for quick everyday stuff

Henriette Inman Clean Cakes a fabulous cake cookbook and with the spin off being healthier, my fave cake is the Courgette, Basil and Lime

Best Blog

Again a couldn’t choose so my biased choice is Gastrogays who write so fabulously and also Im lucky enough to say are now friends

And then Joy The Baker for her fabulousness that has great recipes, stories and photos

Best Online Shop

Trouva I have bought lots of goodies from here this year and the packaging, service and product are fab.

Best TV Show

This is purely my own opinion  we did watch The Night Manager and thoroughly enjoyed it, although only after the hype although my favourite for this year has been

Madam Secretary 

Best Book

Truly impossible, well again only what I have read….so I have decided on….

Black Box Thinking Matthew Syed – I now buy for anyone who wants a good mind thought provoking read

Best Restaurant

I haven’t eaten in asn many as I would have liked his year so decided on 2

No1 remains the same as it never fails to amaze me how wonderful it is and eaten here several times in 2016 again, The Freemasons at Wiswell

As a chain restaurant I have plucked the courage to go for Hawksmoor Manchester as we have had great food and service here each time, there are plenty more places just having to choose one is a tad challenging.

Best Quote of the Year

Completely biased as its husbands and I loved it, we are so good at passing the buck, blaming others for not hearing us properly. Give a shit instruction get a shit result!

“The originator of the communication is the owner of the results”

As they say on that bombshell I sign off until the next time, which hopefully if I focus better will be a darn sight more regular than in 2016!


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