Its been a while……..Home of Real Life!

Well hello there as a “writer on my blog” I’ve been very absent and I apologise, the only disclaimer is that the social media aspect for HORLLL (Home of Real Life, Living & Life) is very much alive and kicking.

Home Of Real Food Twitter  or Home Of Real Food Facebook or Home Of Real Food Instagram or even  Pinterest  Im on Tumbler too feel free to follow all as I attempt to make them different so not everyone gets the same information several times…….making it more of interest rather than repeat the same message.

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I entertain myself with being a prolific internet sweeper and finding magical websites. See my Wonderful Welcome Wednesday  for example, where to combat the negativity of HumpDay that seems to be spreading through social media I’m embracing all that is wonderful mid week.

Im still obsessed with books of all genres and the delights of Fookclub (the food and book club that had  short life but was fin while it lasted). I also recently discovered a learning style called Expert Generalist, (created by Warren Buffet’s co worker Charlie T Munger), which to me is an endorsement for any bookworm! Or just makes us a great guest at a dinner party- welcome to invites!

This has aided the evolution of the website to more than just food, plus the updating of the house is in progress so more stories to tell, as a mother of blended family of 5 kids and

img_0052growing, husband and of course Montgomery Halls-Evans the 1st our human dog! There is always something to say, do or update on all that is happening that seems relevant.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.29.20






The heady days of The Taste and all the adventures that ensued, I remain grateful for all I have and blessed to have achieved and met some fabulous people on the way. The fabulous GastroGays who are now dear friends reminded me of the  wonderfulness experienced from The Taste as they were watching re-runs! See just the most fabulous gentlemen, and the now infamous Sticky Toffee Pudding Pie (Nigella quote of carb fest!) reminder that is going to Christmas Dinner dessert this year!

Although this post has no definitive reason or message, its a reboot into making this a regular monthly (as a minimum). The introversion that has occurred since the start of Home Of real Food  has allowed me to apply some balance, lost a few friends along the way and contact with other has waned – again is all part of “Real Life”which allows me to expand and tell some of the stories, recipes, shares, events, activities and “stuff” that relates to us all.

Hopefully raised a smile….till the next time……

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