An Ethics Voyeur? 

I am one those who loves the ethical principles of being sustainable, although don’t live virtuously to it either. My very own oxymoron – in more ways than one! 

I do recycle actually although sometimes adhoc and would love to be better. 
I do consider before I purchase excessive items, those not required items , but still own designer labels because I like them and ultimately vanity . Do I need them though no but I still desire and want them affirming it as a reward for hard work or just being able too.

The actual “buy ethical” discussion is truly fascinating  as many ethical brands are not what they say, and some so expensive become exclusive and elitist  which then is surely contradictory , while others embrace and live and produce through high ethical sustainable standards from restaurants to clothing, the ones we all come into contact with mostly are local producers with high business ethics on production and quality.

I apply my actions inconsistently with a desire to be better, I research and find the successful ones that live to the high standard of just doing it right but I never reach an acceptable standard myself. The inconsistency of applying myself to “the ethical cause” just means I’m not!!

marie kondo 

I recently bought Marie Kondo the life changing magic of tidying up Art ( even actioned it partially see blog Tidy Therapy) Which is set upon ethical balance of what we really need and how having tidy environment restores us- managing our “Stuff”.

minimalists book
I follow The Minimalists and their philosophy of invest in non material things – and stuff the stuff aptly labelledsuffocation   -and they embrace a lifestyle of nurturing experiences instead- I love the principle although very rarely apply it. Love their exercise of putting everything in boxes and then take out what you need and see what is really required at true minimalist activity.

Again I reiterate I’m more of a voyeur to the ethical lifestyle, watching, being inspired and admiring others fabulous achievements and of course I would like to do it, although I then procrastinate then I don’t do it at all or just some of the time so create my own diversion or is it I don’t believe in it enough? That’s a question I will explore myself. 

So when I read this article I felt driven to view it, see it and look at my lifestyle again….Buy me once ~Guardian article 

Now if I just read it again will I become better at being ethical rather than the “voyeur desiring to be…?” 

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