Tidy Therapy 

Tidying is deemed the new therapy or one of the many new ways to be mindful, grateful, satisfied, content, with this in mind I undertook a project that surprisingly impacted the whole family and our home.

For regulars readers I love a good book and have been driven to achieve many things from reading (or listening to a book love Audible.com) and the tidying project commenced from one said purchase. I’m a book slut! Anything new, anything I read that semi interests me I order through either the “regular” website or second hand(my preference)

There is normally no rationale for said book purchase it could even be a passing comment  that can create my book buying urge and one very recent purchase is ” The Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo”.

Although not read it yet, the book was purchased through the power of reading that 31 million copies have been sold, so my thoughts are that there must be something in /on about  on the power of tidying.

Power of Tidy – guardian article

Marie Kondos site Tidying Up- Spark Joy


The articles that tempted my purchase were focussed on power of tidiness, contentment, satisfaction mini buzz words for my insatiable desire to improve, the basic theory choosing what to keep or discard through creating a the spark of joy by touching every item you own, choosing it to stay or go, and a lot was focussed on a particular way of folding clothes. Each article I read highlighted that you should start with clothes I didn’t!

My dislike for my kitchen is vocal, its the colour and its gloss totally impractical and masculine. New colours will be dove grey and dusk pink!

I started in my kitchen. I truly dislike my kitchen firstly it’s black and gloss, our home was an ex show home and it’s taken us the past 6 years to slowly      ( and I mean slowly) put our own personal style stamp on it and the kitchen is being done in 2 halves ( as above not done), my banquette seating in the other end of the kitchen is very much my style. The main kitchen area is being revamped through Feb and March so will be updating on Home Of Real Living.

My fabulous banquette seating area, built by my daughters boyfriend in a weekend, love it and what it creates in the kitchen. Social space.

Anyway back to tidy therapy , being a cook I’m tempted by new ingredients, experimenting with foods and flavours which then creates a derth of half used, part used ingredients of all varieties the cupboards in my kitchen were mini death threats- you opened them at your peril, crammed full of semi full, half  opened packages of seeds, nuts, lentils, pasta, soba noodles, flours of every origin, sugars, sources, herbs, oils, dehydrated this and that etc…

The urgency of creating contentment and calm in the kitchen cupboards was driven by you never knew what might fall on you, action was an immediate requirement although one I had avoided for many months. I also had 2 free standing shelves at the end of the units filled full of kitchen equipment and jars full of more ingredients.

The only thought I had in starting the mammoth task was the pleasure in potential “decanting” of stuff

Decanting is normally referred to wine. For me it’s the emptying of ingredients / items into  something and then decanting into a pretty jar or container …..it’s a personal thing and I know from my Pintrest boards that its also a simple pleasure of others too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tidying is one of those jobs that creates chaos, mess, disorder and dissatisfaction and for me boredom kicked in quickly after seeing the mess I was creating. So I slowed the process down, focussed on one cupboard at a time, created a flow of where I needed each item and forced my attention on ruthlessness of disposing of ingredients that were out of date, not used, never going to be used or didn’t create “spark of joy”!

The process took several hours, with many coffee breaks, as no matter what sparks of joy I was funnelling I needed a caffeine kick to keep me focussed on the job, in hand recycling old crockery, decanting spices, labelling, cleaning as I went.

The satisfaction and real pride in myself and the order, calm, contentment from having a completely organised  kitchen cupboards was and remains after a few days truly pleasing and I recommend to anyone who feels that its an undertaking you have pondered about and not tasked.

The family have followed the order and automatically are restoring the kitchen without nagging, or subtle commentary or sarcasm, owning to tidy up as they go- revolutionary!

Now for the rest of the house…

Further reading this made me really think about the maintenance of this new order ………

Gretchen Rubin – Better Than Before a great read and I bought the journal too -see book slut! Or just a sucker for a new item?



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