Pink Champagne Ham

Its after Christmas, New Year and that time you look in the fridge (which has become a tardis!), and somewhere , somehow you have more food than you even realised and with the ever decreasing best by date.

Passing thought! Sell by/Best By studies declare useless and wasteful although dispelled by if it doesn’t smell off its edible! Study on Best by/Sell by dates Wrap.Org.Uk

So as I rooted around the fridge, I discovered a gammon ham uncooked from my Christmas Food delivery from Field & Flower (whom I highly recommend no endorsements just I researched them and they delivered all our meat , Turkey etc and its was delicious and great quality).

The un-drank champagne ~yes I know carnal sin, but I was in bed by 12.30am after having NO champagne and too much wine I had departed leaving husband and company to pop open and they proceeded not to drink it either!


Therefore Ham and Champagne were cooked together to make a delicious ham which we served with lots of added butter to butternut squash and sweet potato mash, my own recipe caponata  and poached eggs.


The recipe isn’t really a recipe, that would be to sinful to say its just….

  1. Plonk your uncooked ham into a pan deep enough to hold it and cover it  it in a pan, pour over the champagne and add the rest of water to cover.
  2. Pop on lid and simmer for 1-1.5 hours
  3. Take out pop in a roasting dish, score the fat or remove whichever you prefer,  and pour over honey~ I used Coedcanlas honey an artisan welsh just yummy honey
  4.  Roast in the oven until blackening and sticky (about 30-40 minutes about 180), serve hot or cold.

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