Home Of …….

So I made a decision to come away from all forms of social media and only have a presence on my website.This was always a temporary decision whilst I pondered.

Which then got me thinking about what Home Of Real Food stood for?

I started writing it to focus on the food side of everything I was achieving after winning The Taste  an incredible time of my life and also one that created a lot of angst.

My “life” in Food was always going to be a foray rather than a complete lifestyle change as I loved the idea of cooking for a living, in reality I also realised I liked having the choice to cook or not to cook.

So I started looking at what I thought may be of use, starting with what i could add to what I’d started:

Reading, Writing, Cooking, Home and Lifestyle Stuff and then I thought about the experiences I have had from  Life ( and all it throws at you)

I love the writing side of the blog/website and will be focussing on a cookbook (even if its a self publish thing) as I have so many ideas that i just dont see out there in cookbook form -I should know I have over 650+ cookbooks and growing. I liked the responses I got to posts, questions and also the interaction with so many “virtual” people

and then I decided to tweak it a little and become Home Of …. Food, Life and Living

What to expect:

Home of Real Food is obvious and remains as such, my recipes, my food experiences and the amazing people I have met along the way.

Home of Real Life is my personal view of just that “real Life”, as a mother of 3 , wife, step mother of 2, daughter, friend. Ive been widowed, married- I’ve done good and done bad and in 45 years got my own experiences to chuck in the ether washing machine and plus this side is cathartic more so my own online therapy! I also feel that sometimes my life is a story in itself and it would be rude not to share it!

Home of Real Living is just my view of lifestyle, home making, travel the stuff we do or dream to do- a written Pintrest! We are very slowly decorating our own home, see others do theirs too and always great ideas out there,  share great blogs and insights and also i its like a nosey into someones window just more polite!

So i do hope you join me either way just know that I’m enjoying the self therapy as I write!


Please Let Us Know Your Thoughts, Comments Or Anything You Would Like to Add

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