Its all change …..but I’m popping up again……

   Change is occurring……..

 It’s been a while since I posted an update and plenty of reasons why, my choice in 2015 has been to really define what I want from the future, stability, finance, life and in general incorporating all I love. 

I have truly missed working in the commercial world, being part of a big team, leading it, driving results seeing change so I’m going to go back to it, have to get my dream job first but I’m actively working on that bit! My fun adventures  with food aren’t it’s just changing. 

I’ve had the most exciting time since winning The Taste and have grabbed every opportunity I possibly could food related. I’m so pleased I’ve documented them all in my blog and have so so many memories, stories and have met the most incredible people and above all I’ve been Learning everyday something new. A truly glorious way to experience life.

I need people, I need to be inclusive and managing myself has been fun but also a challenge when I’m used to have teams to bounce off, my creativity overflows and has no tampering when isolated working alone, I say yes to everything and this impacts me in many ways and mostly unfortunately negatively as I’m doing it alone.

 My food life is going to be project based, spare time, hobby and most of all selected events that can really be a challenge, fun and most of all allow me to keep stretching my food and cooking ability. 

Maintaining Home Of Real Food is key to all this and my work will include rationalising events and demonstrations , managing any of the commercial restaurant projects I do , creatives for menu work, HomeChef, my radio show, publications, writing and  working with The Barker Women’s project helping ex offenders re-establish themsleves and teaching them cooking skills. 

I will be being more productive and timely on posting a monthly recipe, updates and events. So less but regular and more anectdotal too.

 POPPING UP AGAIN……..29-31 St August 2014

So where am I popping up next…….I have a really exciting event, and my biggest one to date as I’m feeding 600 people over 4 days! 

The brief was to create an event that exposed the current redevelopment of Boton MarketPlace  Shopping Centre to as many new and existing customers as possible. They are creating a new food hall in the Vaults of the shopping centre, the history of the building being exposed for the first time and encompassing restaurants, bars and a new place to eat and shop that doesn’t exist in my hometown. 

 I have used “fine dining” noting that I’m not Michelin starred, I’m not a trained chef and I don’t have the ego attached either. It’s a descriptive of the food experience that is publicly understood to attract diners.

So I created 3 in 30, a fine dining experience, a unique way to eat great,delicious food in a truly remarkable environment and with speed and efficient that isn’t normally associated with fine dining menus. 3 courses in 30 minutes, 5 sittings per day. 

  The timing is critical and it’s at the same time as the very successful Bolton Food Festival which is in its 10th year, it’s grow every year and this year they are looking for 300,000 visitors to the town. (August 28-31st 2015). I have loved creating the menu with seasonal ingredients and local grown, sourced too.

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE it’s £20 per person for the 3 courses, with sittings each day at 1130am, 1230pm, 130pm, 230pm and 330pm. 

The challenges for the event are there are no kitchens, facilities are truly limited to hot plates, and refrigeration therefore the menu reflects this. I’m serving it in beautiful Tiffin boxes allowing the diners to work through their courses quickly and still enjoying the experience and surroundings, we will be drawing on the Victorian Vaults as our theme and ensuring a full experience achieved. 

Throughout the whole of the shopping centre we will be having food, beer, wine, gin and surprises for all to be involved in. VIP section and invite only events too over the 4 days. I will update the post each month with more information and how the job search is going too!
Other diary dates are: 

10th June Jackie Kearney Popup at Vermillion Manchester ( I’m just sous chef but working the very talented Jackie is always a pleasure)

28th July Judging at International Cheese awards Nantwich  another repeat event I did last year, loved it thourghly enjoyable day 

29th July charity chef demo for Webtbridge House Hotel Yorkshire Day did and event here last year, fabulous hotel venue with amazing team .Worth a day out 
And even though it’s not my event,  a key event in our family diary is 

19th July 2015 

My husbands amalgamation of a years intensive training as he competes in Ironman 2015 and we will be supporting him through every second making ourselves hoarse shouting and the challenge he wants  me to feed him a burger en route! Always up for a challenge !

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