Fries without the deep fry!

Its that time again and you need to make dinner for a hungry hoard or for just yourself, your desire for chips is high although you know you should be considering a healthy option what about ……,

Vegetable Chips

I’m cooking for a family with a great appetite and a husband training for the insane Ironman event ,

I have a vegetable basket that needs using so versatility is key and the good thing about this recipe is it’s easy , quick, delicious and good for you and it’s chips! 

So here’s how easy it is:


  • Root vegetables of your choice I have used butternut squash, sweet potato, beetroot

you could use celeriac, turnips, carrots the list is endless and even if they are a bit worse for wear you can still use them

  • Semolina
  • Garlic
  • Chilli
  • Paprika optional I used a sweet one, a smoked would be great too
  • Salt and white pepper
  • Honey teaspoon optional
  • Olive oil

So all you need to do is peel  all your root vegetables

  1. Cut into chip size of your choice I’ve gone for chunky chip, you could even use a julienne peeler and make skinny fries
  2. Put into a bowl, sprinkle over your semolina about 2-3 tablespoons, add chopped garlic  , dried chilli flakes, and paprika if your using it
  3. Toss the chips until lightly coated with the mix, season and toss again
  4. Put on a metal baking sheet and sprinkle over good quality olive oil
  5. Cook in the Oven at 240 or hottest temperature for 5-8 minutes and then turn down to 200 until crispy outside and soft inside

Chunky chips about 25-30 minutes

skinny fries about 10-12 minutes

The only difference is I added honey and wild garlic to my beetroot

Top Tip Cut my beetroot in a chopping board wrapped in cling film to stop staining

We had ours with Lollo Rosso Greens wilted in juices from the Lemon and Garlic  pan fried Chicken

vegetable chips with wilted greens, lemon & garlic panfried chicken
and the Teenager had Chicken Wings with my “homemade peri peri rub”

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