Homemade Pasta and Meatballs 

A super quick post for making fresh pasta step by step, made this yesterday for husbands supper and picky teenagers- wolfed down with glee!

 I first successfully made fresh pasta doing a demonstration in front of 100+ people so with lots of pressure to get it right. It’s a pleasureable experience and truly makes a difference to the flavour and recommend it, the pasta machines are fabulous but you could use a rolling pin too.

Few tips I have learnt through trial and error ( am sure not traditional but work for me)

  • The richness of just egg yolk is better than full eggs ( and adding olive oil gives a delicious richness – I use aSicilian one   for its grassiness freshness)
  • Knead it properly, it shouldn’t be sticky, the time spent is worth it
  • Don’t over flour your pasta, add semolina or your 00 flour sparingly  to stop any stickiness
  • Semolina adds a nice roughness to pasta and texture is great for catching sauces!
  • Add flour to your pasta machine
  • Rest the pasta much easier to work with
  • You don’t need expensive equipment I use a clampless pasta machine and dry my pasta on string tied across my cupboard handles!

Today having the excess pasta now fully air dried with spring flavours : wilted gem lettuce, parmasen, freshly podded peas, lemon, olive oil and griddled hallumi cheese.


Through summer I’m going to work on flavoured pasta with vegetables as the flavour and colouring – beetroot, spinach, carrot, even created a sweet pasta with apples and cinnamon for a sweet lasagna 

Will post recipes when im experimented 


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