First FookClub; Foodies do it best!

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A new adventure started last night (25th February 2015), a first ever FookClub, it was a free event, ticket booked via Eventbrite and people who followed me on social media, saw me on The Taste etc were invited to come into my home and enjoy the glorious world of books , eating, cooking and mixing it all together to create a group of like minded folk talking about a subject we all adore so much.

The Fookclubbers! doing their thing!
Welcoming strangers into your home is an odd one, but my openness and eagerness at finding others that share a passion,”cliche” I know , is very exciting and after last night, more rewarding than I thought as well.

The Fookclubbers ; I’m not sure they would appreciate the generalised name, however Im using it with the tongue in cheek i have applied to this whole event,  ended up being a delightful bunch of bright, fun, intelligent, Fookers who all threw themselves into the new experience.

  • We created our own rules
  • We made it up as we went a long
  • We talked over each other
  • We agreed
  • We disagreed
  • We laughed
  • We confessed
  • We digressed
  • We drank and we ate the most important factors of course!

So if anyone else has a consideration to do this – go for it. Our structure was loose but worked for us, and Im sure as we progress we will get better at reviewing, we heard each others thoughts and I think thats the most important part- it was great to hear others share their thoughts of why the books were good, bad, indifferent, needed more, needed less, what emotions it raised and it was truly a great fun night.

 Our chosen books were:

Our chosen ones: Anthony Cappella Te Food Of Love and Jamie's Italy
Our chosen ones:
Anthony Cappella Te Food Of Love and Jamie’s Italy
Our rules were very basic:

  1. We were not going to review symbolism in books- or grammatical elements; not because we cant we didn’t want to!
  2. Everybody got a turn, input and inclusion
  3. We would score each book each time very democratically- everybody who had read, cooked fro each book got a vote
  4. If you hadn’t cooked or read from the book we dont mind
  5. We would chose our next books at end of each meeting ( our budget was maximum of £5’ish per book) preferably used books

The recipe chosen as offerings were:

  • Fritellade Spaghetti
  • La Mia Ribolota Preferia
  • Insalat Caprese
  • Blackberry tart

Served with extra bread- flavours of jalapeno bread and olive bread, some antipasto as happy side dishes

The delightful Fookers also brought their own wares, we had delicious


Delicius food allowing us to taste the wares, recipe formatting of the book and any tweaks we made ourselves...
Delicious food allowing us to taste the wares, recipe formatting of the book and any tweaks we made ourselves…
  • Stuffed mushrooms, “Funghi al forno ripieni di ricotta”
  • Lemons stuffed with anchovy, cheese,”Limoni di amalfi cotti al forno”
  • Sara’s Cake “La torta della giovane” from the book of course

Now my confessions on the recipes were that I did tweak them , and add my own elements- this is the thing I see a recipe as a guide NOT a directive and the flow, knowledge , confidence in cooking ( not baking, thats a definite science ) all help plus what is ACTUALLY in my store cupboard at the time too!

Cookbook “Jamie’s Italy”comments:

  • I tweaked the Ribollita with extra spinach, and also coriander syrup- the green on the photo in the book didn’t replicate itself in the recipe, it was delicious and one that we all said we wouldn’t normally make , the bread in the soup was a great addition on texture- a very traditional italian thing to do
  • The spaghetti fritters need to be cooked in a hot plan and allowed to sit no turning – took about 7-9 minutes per side to brown and retain shape
  • The tarts were made in the ready made cases- I did follow recipe reluctantly as I love making pastry– i would have preferred my own pastry but as a stand by dessert very quick and delicious, added dessert wine instead of grappa as I didn’t have any , also added the dessert wine to the jam glaze for the blackberries
  • I personally would love more history about dishes, we disagreed as a collective here as some just wanted the recipe and not waffle attached!
  • We all agreed photos of food make a huge difference and most wouldn’t cook a recipe without a photo
  • Overall consensus was a easy book to cook from as a objective overview we removed any likes or dislikes of the personality behind the book- thats a was a good discussion on its right though!

Review of The Food Of Love – Anthony Cappella

  • Interesting we all enjoyed the food references, detail, easy to salivate over description of meals ( a few felt a bit squeamish on the offal sections!)
  • We liked the sexy bits! The story line was flawed in a few areas, jumped around a a bit and also had the opportunity to be expanded, a lot of coincidences aligned in parts,
  • We loved the Italian references and language/ translations  used although noted it was hit and miss in parts
  • The ending was abrupt and collectively the group felt that it could have been stronger
  • Overall with one true dislike of the book, it was easy read, fun, romantically fun , well written descriptively and also an insight into traditional areas around Italy that made you have wanderlust to travel there

Scores on the doors (out of 10) for said books are




If you want to join in online -Our next books for review are

  • Nigel Slater Eat
  • Natalie Young Season To Taste



Till our next FookClub enjoy

To get in touch drop me an email to or comment here !

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