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Fookclub is obviously a Food and Book club – how could it be anything else!

I have decided to host a fookclub for several reasons:

  • Im an obsessive reader,
  • Book owner and a wall of books and collecting in each room now too!
  • Overall fooide
  • Share information, tips, recipes, ideas,
  • Talking I love to do that too
  • Spend great time with like minded folk- a perfect recipe for a wonderful evening
  • Eat and drink in the process

julia child qoute collection peg

I researched Fookclub  and it isn’t unique, as I initially thought.  Its all round the world in different forms, however it seems to have started our as films and books and its “tongue in cheek” name befits food and books so its stuck.

Now I’m holding this in my house and not everybody can come to that so I thought we could do an integrated version on the tinternet as well! So my thoughts are we get you involved and then have a commentary discussion the day after, and see if it works, it could become webainr etc so that we have a live hookup…anyway the first one is on February 25th and the books are below


  • Books are chosen –
  • 1 to be FOOD FICTION – a story associated with food and
  • 1 to be FOOD NON FICTION- a real life cookbook
  • 2 maximum unless a special occasion (im choosing the first books, each Fookclub sitting will choose the next 2)
  • We review the books
  • Eat the food from the books

Drink and be merry discussing the virtues of food, what we liked, what we didn’t.
Im sure it will grow from the first session.Im going safe for the first books, but the more obscure for me the better!

So best way to get the books :

I have no affinity with a bookseller YET , so will find the cheapest option to buy the books, or to get from the Library, would prefer a independent bookseller and will work on this as it progresses for now here are the first 2 books.

I love buying second hand , thirdhand books, love the thought of it being used (I also like shiny and new) so have a mixed bag of both of them but i really do recommended for our purpose the more used the better (and cheaper) or get it from the library-cheaper still!


BOOK 1 FOOD FICTION (FOFI!) is Anthony Capella The Food of Love ( this is my alltime fav book- click here to buy it/see it and from £0.01p)

BOOK 2 NON FOOD FICTION (NFOFI!) keeping the Italian theme going Jamie Oliver Italy – a great book for quick easy recipes click here to buy it/see it and from a £0.01p

With just over a week to go before the 1st event, I’m delighted to say after re-reading The Food Of Love I’m still enamoured by it and look forward to your personal thoughts and feedback, also have chosen the food we will be tasting from Jamie’s Italy

We will be eating:

  • Fritella de Spaghetti
  • La mia Ribollita preferita
  • Insalata caprese
  • Blackberry Tart
  • And some italian breads too!

So whats going to happen on the night …well a loose plan has been created  and We will structure the night a little, although I’m more spontaneous so we might just chuck the flow but lets plan for now…

  1. Introductions- who are we…easy for me
  2. Review each book – out thoughts, likes dislikes,
  3. Plan and name next fiction and cookbook for next session
  4. Thoughts on how to make this a even BETTER event

Your thoughts, ideas are always welcome and actually needed!
Look forward to seeing you and see you all soon
Forward to seeing you all there


Please Let Us Know Your Thoughts, Comments Or Anything You Would Like to Add

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