Hungry Teenager Dinner!

Have to feed large appetites quickly and economically here’s a great recipe for that kind of time.

For me it’s Football practice dinner for the teenager who is permanently hungry so a dinner that provides sustenance pre and post training for under £6


BBQ chicken ( 14 pieces £5 – free range chicken mixed pieces from the local butcher )

We served ours with salt and pepper Sweetcorn and Paprika Garlic Wedges
( we had some homemade coleslaw too )

Make your BBQ sauce and you can double up ingredients and store in the fridge in a sealed tub or jar for use within 10 days or so.

Ingredients ( I do tweak with this recipe regularly , feel free to add or omit the seasoning flavours , however you do it this a great store cupboard sauce!)

In a large bowl big enough to put all your chicken pieces in

3tbsps HP Brown sauce
3 glugs or shakes of the Lea & Perrins bottle ( about 2tbsp) or Soy Sauce ( I’ve even used both before the saltiness is greater with soy sauce added)
2tbsps brown dark sugar
60ml nut oil
2tbsps tomato paste or whatever you have in your stock cupboard : passatta. Ludo sauce, tomato ketchup all work
1tbsp mustard ( used frenchs or Dijon )
1tbsp marmalade ( chilli jam, sweet chilli sauce works too!)
White pepper to season
( I’ve added chilled before but teenager didn’t want it this time )

Whisk together till all blended
Plonk in the chicken pieces
Get your hands mucky and mix and rub sauce into the chicken
Put on your baking sheet
Cook in a 160* oven for 20 minutes
Then turn upto 200* for another 10 minutes

Whilst it’s cooking make any sides you prefer
Think about
Paprika and garlic potato wedges
Celeriac and apple coleslaw
Creamed Sweetcorn or salt and pepper ( with chilli) corn on the cob


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