Press Reset its a New Year!

This post is unusual for me , its a bit more detailed and insightful into me and my goals, my direction. I have however removed emotion – as I soon as i add that bit it really gets messy! (Just as an aside watched this from TED about emotions and motivation its been shared a lot on the internet but definitely worth a watch (


I have written this blog as a cookery/food log of the majority of things I have cooked , I say majority as I cook every day maybe 3 or 4 times and i don’t have the time to document it all, just for reference I would however like a foodelf for future who could document it all I would have instant cookbooks every month!- Now thats a goal a cookbook a month!…Anyway if you are a regular reader of my blogs my writing style is I can digress and then meander leisurely back to the point, I do always get there.

This Blog is a story of what I have cooked or experienced food wise, as an extension to this it blends into my life. So if you don’t mind my ramblings and I would like to add this element into my blogs I will label them differently( Ramblings as good any category !)  so if your just interested in food you can ignore them although they will be amalgamated with recipes, foods ideas, experience so it maybe worth a quick gander you can always stop reading!

Todays ramblings  are about my goals for 2015, my RESET button being switched on

Each year my husband and I get little moleskine book (I love Moleksine books, diaries I have used them for years and have a huge collection of them, its a fact I am a brand snob and do love a well executed brand and product), and we write down our goals for that year coming, we focus on 6 areas that we can influence –  health, contribution, relationships, work, wealth and hobbies. So as not to bore you in the whole process,  its quality time that husband and i really like, i mostly tut at him, he just smiles at me ( as Im doing what he told me for once!) and we really do come up with great focus for the forthcoming year



My goals I have set for 2015 are focussed on being very specific and small achievable ones, (Always a good start!), I wouldn’t normally publish the goals ( i have left some off for my own private focus) , also being married to a  man whose business it is to set goals for other business and GET them achieved- means he’s pretty inspiring as a support , I see everyday how positive it can be having a direction, goal

goal is wish


Naturally Im a WHY person, why do we that,  why- why -why , a child’s style of learning ask questions and find out, self searching, finding information I love it. The research that I had heard of was the debunked myth about the 1953 Harvard ( or dependent on where you read Yale)  is a famously quoted study on written goal achievement which is heavily quoted everywhere but there is no paper to read or review of it, Its theory was 3% of Harvard MBAs Make Ten Times as Much as the Other 97% Combined through having written goals. BORED YET? The only theory I conclude is that this is a great marketing story that many

Well what makes this more interesting is it seems I have read and read through lots of different peoples opinions on goal setting and have come to my own conclusion whether it states I will be earning/achieving 10 times more than anyone I know that didn’t write a goal down is indifferent, for me it works, its something that I like to do and really thats all that matters.


For reference 2 tools Im using Passion Planner and mindmap app called mindly 

mindmap v 1 goals dhe 2015 Mindmap goals

Little additions I have added just as to do:

  • stop muttering (say it in my head if Im muttering it add no value to anyone)
  • pick up everything from the stairs as I pass ( tidy home and all that there is a chinese proverb but i cant remember it …)
  • create more photo walls-  more recent memories, not just the long past
  • make boxes (love a good box) with sewing kits, buttons, crafts, wrapping, cards – i have them but not in one place
  • make an address book a proper one- paper one so i can make sure i send cards, notes, personal tokens
  • watch TED speech everyday 5 minutes won’t hurt
  • find my style – god knows what it is and at coming up mid 40’s this year I need to discover it, had it nailed in my 20’s completely lost the plot of it now
  • learn to take a compliment and say THANKYOU

I may need assistance , direction, contacts and just overall motivation.

I will make a commitment to update them monthly just to measure myself and assess my own Harvard /Debbie study on achieving a written goals!

Have a great January, enjoy it, do as you start out to do.

Quotes Collection from selected sources on internet
Quotes Collection from selected sources on internet


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