Waste Not, Want Not



So it’s no waste of food time- pricing buying well and locally you can make great food and save money
chicken roasted made 3 meals

Meal 1: Lemon garlic Rosemary roasted Chicken with roasties and roasted butternut squash, greens sautéed – Brussels, Mange Tout, Broccoli

Meal 2: bubble and squeak breakfast Topped with poached egg

Meal 3: Sumac Chicken Wraps and quesadillas with cucumber, olives served as a huge platter

Today we had for brunch leftover mash from dinner last night ( Sausage and Mash) made into Potato Farls with Crispy bacon and fried egg-

#RECIPE POTATO FARLS to do add 1 egg into the mash, sieve 3 tbsp plain flour, 1tsp of baking powder salt and pepper into and mix, put flour into worktop knead and mix make into a dough, roll into a round it use your hands , chill for 10-15 months ,round cut into 6 segments, fry on each side. Be patient allow each side to Brown – keep warm in oven until you’ve made the rest. Will save in fridge for 3 days too.

What do you make with leftovers- don’t throw it away

Make something yummy

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