3 PopUps in one week !

With  a year of saying YES drawing to a close, another 2 Charity PopUp events were undertaken in under 5 days and an actual “real” PopUp, I’m behind on my writing and this was November 2014! On catch up , getting my year blogs updated and getting ready for 2015 and my Year of Saying NO!

PopUp 1 RealBlokes Cancer Charity Dinner 

real blokes logo

This one had been in the planning since May time liased and curated by Alan Paton of Stoke By Nayland Hotel, his role as Exec Chef and having the capacity in the kitchen to hold extra chefs, and students from the local culinary school to assist.
Initial visit and meet up was at Jimmys Farm for a Sunday Lunch way back many months ago.
Working with and alongside 8 amazing chefs- being Alan Paton (@alanpaton7),  Jon Fell (@jonfellchef), Alec Tommasso (@AlecTommasso),  Al Harris(@DrSwweetsmokeBBQ), Robert Pearce (@RobertPearce87), Karim Mauoi (@KMauoi), Adebola Adeshina (@AdebolaAdeshina)

The whole event for Cancer Relief and in particular RealBlokes Cancer Charity. We travelled to Colchester which is 249 miles from home to present my course which was pre-dessert, and I have to say at that initial meeting stage I had never heard of a pre dessert before!

The Pre Dessert was a Autumnal Salad, a particularly  pretentious dish but then as a pre dessert it could only be this!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It consisted of a rose meringue kiss (mini meringue ultimately- we do have a tendency to overplay the food descriptives in the cookery world!), with lime and basil syrup, caramel chantilly cream, and a plethora of micro herbs including lemon verbena,red basil, mint and with a flourish topped off with some beautiful autumnal edible flowers. It really was a delicious mouthful and looked so pretty I was pleased with it.

The camaraderie from the Chefs involved and the support teams was great to be alongside and with Vanessa Phelps and her partner Ben Ofoedu who is an ambassador for RealBlokes Cancer Charity I felt even more pleased when he tweeted how much he enjoyed it.

AND there was MORE- I received my very own personalised engraved knife from ION SHEN Knives, this was truly unexpected and was a true pleasure, and thanked Natalie personally via Twitter as she wasn’t at the event


PopUp No 2- Bolton Lads & Girls Club 125 Year Celebration

BLGC logo

Delighted to be asked by Bolton Lads and Girls Club to work with them on a one of their 125 years celebrations ( a year long and well deserve recognition of the amazing work they do in the purpose built site and also their outreach work for children )
The event was an intimate dinner for 40, the chosen 40 were significant patrons and sponsors of the great work the Club does day in day out- a thank you for their significant support.
The menu was create around the 125 years theme as a key focus

Starter allotment soup
Sustainability, grown your own, self sufficiency, economy and money saving and universal in workhouses as a gruel or cheap meal the selfishness created using celeriac and sage puree with heritage carrots flavoured with cumin and orange and purple carrots with buyer and Sealey dressing ( whence in the “old” days weren’t heritage just different types Carrots available and grown by most allotments) french beans in dressing and then finished off with grated fresh black truffle this Was served at table and then the vegetable soup ( made from carrots, sweet potato, fennel, potato, celery, leeks) was poured around the dish

Traditionally a Lancashire hotpot made lamb and some extra depth from mutton , I was supposed To be “posh “ing this up with oysters as that’s actually very traditional but a slight mishap occurred so we stuck with a rich Port infused red cabbage and roasted Brussels and extra rich jus

Dessert Moving into serving dessert all of this PopUp was delivered  while the Bolton Lads and Girls club was fully operational, I chose to focus on local and quirky interpretation of traditional so I made a rich sweet butter puff pastry Eccles Cake ( with port infused raisins) and served with cardamon diced pears poached in vanilla

The night ended with great comments and compliments, which is the true reason why I cook. We ended the night on a high and left with all our  twinkly decorations from the  sports hall cum PopUp restaurant for the night and to get ready for the final PopUp of the week

PopUp No 3- Debbie Event


One of my own PopUp’s,  another one held at Chill@The Cowshed which has been a small resident cooking home for the 2014 PopUps. I create a different menu for each popup not only to challenge myself but to use new techniques, enhance each time I make something and also improve the process of preparing for the popup, I cook it all myself, from mise en place to plate and this really has allowed me to grow with confidence what I can and how much I have learned in the past 12 months




With 6 successfully fully booked events being held at The Cowshed, this one was no exception and I created a menu that was a joy to cook. With 32 diners we had a full house and I had a lot of prep to do…

With the week over and 3 events successfully delivered ,I took a breath and moved onto the next week , and thats another post or not!

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