UK/USA The Taste Winners Diary : Day 11 #The Event

A posse of great people ! All active contributors, supporters and volunteers for the night THANKYOU
A posse of great people ! All active contributors, supporters and volunteers for the night THANKYOU


It’s here the day of The Event at Industry City, celebrating many great things

Weezy and me working it!

Firstly Louise and I cooking great thing number 1.

why hung charity helping homeless and low income, families eat great food
why hunger charity helping homeless and low income, families eat great food

Supporting Why Hunger great thing number 2 ( charity based on ensuring low income/ homeless are fed properly )

Innovative vodka production in Brooklyn
Innovative vodka production in Brooklyn

Representing Industry City Distillery and their unique Vodka and self manufactured equipment and new innovative brewing practices

Brooklyn Spirits ( can buy it on amazon) by Peter Fornatale ( my account oration. Host to in NYC)
Brooklyn Spirits ( can buy it on amazon) by Peter Fornatale ( my account oration. Host to in NYC)

Last but not finally least is Pete Fornatale ( who I’m kindly staying with and his family at his apartment) Brooklyn Spirits ( superb book about cocktails, gins, brewery’s and distilleries around Brooklyn, loads of drink recipes and stories of amazing startups and peoples transformations as they started up their own brewing business.) a must buy, I’m demanding a signed one too!

The day is off to a great start with a Weezy breakfast of sautéed vegetables and eggs and a little hot sauce!

Pack up the car again Sherpa style and create car Tetris in how much can we get in the car ( a few actions being omitted like deliveries, collections etc not really exciting reading fodder)
Arriving at Industry City we set to work and it always amazes me when doing PopUps there is ALWAYS something to do, extra prep , those special finishing touches.
The site at Industry city was cleaned and sanitised by me and Louise to make it OUR standard! We scoured the treasure trove of their mad assortment; being polite cluttered space, and found some beautiful glass to use a a platters, silver platters, wood, all range of unique and amazing ways to present our food adding that extra piece to making it feel different.

Louise styled the guest space so that every area was taken full advantage of , seating facing the amazing view and the Statue of Liberty across the water, the eating places, the bar all made so that everybody got a piece of the action! ( note that we had great photos kindly taken for free by Jessica Agullo and will be posted as an update when I do a revised version of the diary as a whole adding some of the funny incidental stories that haven’t published yet and there were a lot!)

Now a small incident with a knife paused the plating as I was julienne’ing the peppers I sliced half my nail off- an ouch moment, but persevered and made sure no nail remnants were part of any dish! ( got a photo but not sure anyone wants to see that!)

Our menu was diverse and as the evening grew adapted to make sure we used all the food to soak up all the amazing alcohol being served, as it’s not a sit down formal meal it’s a cocktail parry with a twist and that’s our “Cross Pond” interpretation.
Our event and menu ( see adaptations )


So we changed the pretzels to Empenadas made by Julio, brought freshly fried from his home by his girlfriend delicious and went in seconds!

The BBQ pulled pork was special cooked with the cider , specially chosen as well to make sure it was a cider with no Additives and then put into soft potato rolls, with homemade coleslaw bitter and tangy , pickled chillies, a delightful messy eat but absolutely scrumptious these were going before our server volunteers could even put the platter down!

Our roasted vegetables were dressed and piled high for stunning effect and flavour ranged from:
Cumin roasted Carrots dressed with the grassy flavour of rich puglian olive oil and salty freshly grated parmagganio

Sweet Potato and Roasted wedge potatoes dressed with olive oil , fresh parsley and salt

Aubergine ( Eggpplant) with a homemade tahini dressing whisked together with white wine for tang and depth, fresh zingy lemon juice for that added acidic background flavour, splash of water to get the consistency right, olive oil used our puglian again, sesame and hot pepper oil for a lovely lift and very delicate heat

Fennel roasted with oil and lots of salt

Butternut squash dressed with our light potato dressing to add flavour

French beans dressed with a whole grain mustard vinegarette and fresh parsley

Endive with Tofu marinated in Nam Jim dressing, chillis, scallions ( spring onions UK!), fresh coriander the tofu became a delicious meaty ( contradiction I know) texture soaking up the limes, chilli, garlic, coriander ( cilantro US named!) fresh ginger, coconut milk, julienne assorted colours of peppers, and the bitterness of the endive made this a perfect carrier and easy to eat delicious snack

Mini Chicken Curry Pies (pot pies as the US say!) heated up with a cumin infused hand formed crust and a crunchy cum soft brown butter crust , topped for that added extra flavour pickled chillis, freshly chopped coriander, tweak of salt loved by all.

Poached red wine pears with cardamom served whole or in half , with a fresh Gorgonzola cream made from Gorgonzola of course, cream cheese, cream, salt and pepper all whipped to make a delicious cream, piped in the centre and spiked with homemade pecan brittle shards and crumb and topped off with Italian Balsamic Saba beautiful looking plate of food

The now famous Sticky Toffee Pudding Pie with its nutmeg crust , soft date light sponge and smothered in and adapted toffee sauce for the US with honey and molasses giving it a floral sticky toffee flavour soon disappeared and a big hit I’m delighted

Cheese platters with crunchy crackers and juicy black grapes

Brown bagged baguettes slices with homemade whipped parmasan and pastry herb butter

Huge red, green and black olives dressed with more oil, chilli and served with hand pulled mini mozzerella balls

Im sure I’ve missed something and the photos will show you truly how great it looked, we were delighted to get the standard and flavour we wanted, presentation and set up was fabulous and the positive feedback was amazing, but getting the volume of food out proves that no matter what Louise and I working together works.

Our united dream and vision of PopUp events ANYWHERE, is a great team, we complement each other’s styles, and can churn out some pretty funky( in a positive term used!) food. This is NOT a one off visit to the US this is the future! Louise is excitingly come to the UK and we are doing PopUps in London, Manchester, Bolton and Edinburgh watch this space and I’m definitely going back to NYC there’s so much we can do. International travel now a must for us both!

Now back to the evening , we dressed the platters throughout the night making sure that everybody got everything that was on offer, a lot of work but worth it for super fresh, super delicious and beautifully dressed every time.

Drinks were pretty special and designed by Pete and his Co writer Chris Wertz featuring the industry City Vodka ( you can buy Pete’s book as it would make a superb gift as it’s a great introduction into making cocktails, brewing and overall superb recipes updated and added twists as well as classics that need no disturbance : ORDER now here

From the book Brooklyn spirits – a reverse Brooklyn Vespa ( 3 parts of Industy Standard vodka, 1 part Industry acute Vodka ,Dorothy Parker ( a Brooklyn gin) gin, 1/2 part cocchi Americano or quinine liqueur

Homemade a take on sazerac classic New Orleans cocktail traditionally made with brandy or whiskey substituted with industry standard vodka , a bar spoon of sugar syrup , homemade absinthe ,industry city technical reserve ( high proof extraction) , one little shake of peychaud bitters. Powerful and mind blowing cocktail

Vodka and soda over ice as a added drink just in case anyone hadn’t had enough booze!

Great Beers were donated by
SixPoint a success story of brewing in Brooklyn, a delicious IPA and also
Moska di Girona donated by our photographer and her husband Jonny Brilliant ( who is another story all on its own , amazing couple) Importing spanish beers <a href=”″ title=

To say the bar was dry at the end of night has double connotations everything was drank completely with lots of bottles water left! The very dapper Thomas Crowley offered his amazing bar tending services for free and did an amazing job, talented ,calm and kept everyone happy.

Happily exhausted I headed back to my slumber pit at Petes and Susans , the party animal that is Weezy continued well into the remainder of the night hitting a few more NYC bars……… Weezy style!

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