UK/USA The Taste Winners Diary: Day 9

Our NYC event on Saturday 8th November
Our NYC event on Saturday 8th November

So day 9 and day 10 will be short posts as it’s prep and shopping days pre the event.
Today is now Thursday, it started off with me actually getting 5 solid hours sleep hurrah!

Showered and then needed to do my washing , which in itself is a mundane job but I’m in the US of A and of course it’s fun task, (1st time) ,as it’s one of the American top lidded monstrosity washing machine, a huge drum. It took a while to get the jist of it, but a bit of trial and error got it functioning and 30 minutes later clean clothes!

The remainder of day is set to be just focused on food shopping. A super late breakfast cum lunch oh that’s brunch! Was falafel wrap with baboganoush and hummus from a small deli in Park Slopes great start to any day. Forgot to photograph, lack of sleep is slowing me down!

Beautiful Brownstone buildings  NYC they like to keep the original features too
Beautiful Brownstone buildings NYC they like to keep the original features too

Now my initial knowledge of America is through films, news etc enforced media perceptions, although I can now add my own personal experiences excitingly to this now, and one of the things I really wanted to see was the Brownstone buildings aka SJP style ,the beautiful multiple floored terrace houses that you see in the movies and fortunately Park Slopes had plenty of them to see, just as beautiful as I imagined, although the price tag is definitely out of my league.

We borrowed Pete’s car and set off. Now I’m not going to bore you with all the shopping but do need to just briefly describe one supermarket chain called Fairway the most impressive one I have ever been in. Now as a retailer in my paying job the one that I used to get excited when I see great execution of retailing, service and product customer journey all those cliche company corporate buzz words – Fairway was my heaven.

Beautiful retailing of fresh vegetables and fruit
Beautiful retailing of fresh vegetables and fruit

The store was overflowing with the best quality products and I mean every brand you can think of and the selection , a range of each product was just staggering and sadly thoroughly enjoyable on my part.
Rows and rows of neatly arranged vegetables with EVERY type of seasonal vegetable you can imagine
Rows and rows of neatly arranged vegetables with EVERY type of seasonal vegetable you can imagine

You enter in to the fresh fruit and vegetables and it’s split into 2 huge sections organic and non organic, the fruit and veggies are stacked in rows and rows making it not only look orderly, pleasing to the eye but bountiful.
It had a full fresh coffee bean section which offered over 30 types of beans and also a bringing service , the descriptives where easy and fun and allowed the consumer to see and make choices

The olive oil section from all around the world with a favourite being a puglian which you could try ALL of them and with over 40 to chose from you could be dipping for a long time. Every aspect of the customer hand been thought of tasting stations in each section,moresby bread in the olive oil section. The balsamics in this section came form places I didn’t even know made balsamic and they were delicious Louise chose a Saba for our event.

The cheese counter was so impressive we tasted a beautiful Swiss Gorgonzola. The deli counter was bulging with ha doubled mozzarella to 15 different cheddar so blues from all round the world, orang if non organic, hard soft cheese, the selection was overwhelming but then the detail of the cheese information and what you could do with it perfect, for me as a customer making you desire more, spend more , try more and want to keep coming back.

The fish counter was just full of non fishy smelling, so super fresh fish, lobster live for a ridiculous price of $7.99lb that’s just amazing pricing and would have you eating lobster everyday,

Meat ageing cabinet - you can't NOT be impressed
Meat ageing cabinet – you can’t NOT be impressed

The butcher counter was again just and incredible with its own ageing cupboard for huge hanging slabs of beautiful veined meats.
It just went on and on and on and it’s was before we got to the range of in house fresh pastas, the consumables, the no perishables I do believe we were shopping a long time.

Now I know this may all sound very sad indeed but I love a good food shop and this was just amazing, personally would move to Redhook to be near it. The other bonus if the actual shopping and food wasn’t enough is that it’s on the river so they have an onsite cafe and you can have any selection of their foods they offer and look out across the bay to the Statue of Liberty what can I say. Food shopping heaven!

Living my own movie moment - Chinese takeout noodle box style!
Living my own movie moment – Chinese takeout noodle box style!

It was a lazy night the first since I arrived I had take out Chinese and was delighted for it to be served in movie style noodle boxes!
Happy, full, ready for a day of cooking I attempted to sleep.

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