UK/USA The Taste Winners Diary: Day 8

Day 8 is Wednesday early 6am start as I’m still not sleeping just lightly dozing, shower ( I have to queue this morning as someone has beat me to the shared shower on our floor. )
I pack my bags , go down to concierge to arrange leaving my bags there till later that day as I move sleeping location and am surprised to be greeted by a large heavy set man dressed only in his very small towel as I surmise he has locked himself out his room. I catch the eye if the bellboy and stifling a laugh arrange for baggage storage.
I head of to my cheap and cheerful breakfast of coffee and croissant at Amy’s Bread (I also bought a bag for life to use at home as a cheap reminder of my lovely NYC adventure) I stay at Amy’s and write up the blog diary waiting to hear from Louise and where and what time we were meeting. After our delicious dinner at Frankie’s last night and some wine that was drank it maybe a bit later in the day before I see Louise.

Ended up chatting to a lovely couple from London who want to come to the London PopUps ( they face me their business card too!) they were also enjoying the delicious pastries too!

Louise gets in touch just before noon and I set off to meet her at her friends Wall Street apartment. As I exit Chelsea Market I stumble and really hurt my ankle , the pride embarrassment shuns any helpful American assistance and I grab a yellow cab to take now over to Finance District as walking didn’t seem a fun Idea. Halfway in the taxi I realise that I hadn’t checked out and it was 12.20. Checkout at noon so in a mild panic I decide to call them when I get to Louise’s and hopefully talk my way out if getting charged and getting v my bags out the room – thankfully lack of sleep had a benefit I had packed up completely.

Wall Street/Nassau Street crossing my taxi pulls up after an arduously slow , stop start long journey ( sure I could have walked faster) but with my throbbing ankle taxi was the best decision. Get up to the apartment and get to call the Hotel to arrange a non paying late checkout. The amenable American hospitality service exceeded itself and they happily helped.

So logistics, planning, arranging sponsors, rearranging sleeping accommodation as first option changed. All sorted and we set off to eat as it’s a necessity ( I realise that one thing that I haven’t done since I’ve been in the US, is snack between meals or eat dessert Louise doesn’t do either and it’s rubbing off on me, with 40lbs to lose this is a good new habit)
New York is a renowned pizza eating location with the Italian heritage in NYC particularly , on Tuesday we had attempted to eat at Locali’s ( Louise’s wedding dinner location and she believes it the best pizza in NYC unfortunately it was closed and we had eaten At Frankie’s just few blocks away.

We eat in a great part of the city oldy worldy still designated as Finance District , with the oldest pub in the city, Adriannias pizza at Stone Street.
It’s a sheet pan pizza half pepperoni that’s huge and a light salad of Caesar Salad , again full bellies again we set off to collect my suitcases and head to Park Slopes, Brooklyn where I’m kindly staying with Peter Fornatale the Author of the Brooklyn Spirits, he and his family have welcomed me to stay till I return home.

Once settled in we get ready to go to One of Peter’s many successful book launches at Dear Bushwick in central Brooklyn.

On arrival I’m reminded that it’s November 5th Bonfire Night. The pub is a really great space with reclaimed wood panelled walls, dim lighting, and a large open covered back yard area which has food stands, hot cocktails ( had a sip of both , an allspice mixture a bit overpowering and a hot apple cider bit citric for me).

Pete had also created some specialist cocktails Brooklyn Vespa ( Gin, Vodka, quinoa liqueur and a twist of lemon) and a impromptu flash mob skit mocking the British heritage of bonfire night!

The food consisted of Lancashire Black peas and Vinegar which truly surprised me, Pumpkin Curry Soup , Toffee Apples, jacket potatoes with hot sauce and cream cheese, sausage and onion. Mussels in red wine and garlic, Parkin with oat topping
We stayed whilst Pete sold his books. Spent sometime with Dave the owner of Industry City Distillery
A good night was had by all
Off to sleep and wishing for some slumber tonight

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