UK/USA The Taste Winners Diary : Day 7


Urban Cool Warehouse Shopping  and Eating
Urban Cool Warehouse Shopping and Eating

A week in to the adventure and missing home, missing my husband and children and our puppy dog. This is the longest I’ve been away from them even when filming The Taste we got to go home once a week for a night.
FaceTime is a huge bonus and being able to talk to my husband and see the children makes it all bearable

I truly realise and reflect on what has been achieved, where I am and what Louise and I are doing with the support and help from her for friends, contacts , extensive knowledge of both LA and NYC , makes me so appreciative of all that I have more so and how incredible this opportunity is.

Hudson River Walkway
Hudson River Walkway

Day 7 and until I go home it’s all NYC time, after my first night in the hotel I set off for a morning adventure waiting for Louise to get in touch as she stayed across town in her friends apartment at Wall Street, Financial district.

Now if you didn’t know this trip is being done on the cheap, cheap as chips budget , if any budget at all really. Food PopUps are not lucrative this adventure was all about Louise and I working together, presenting ourselves and what we can do with food and events /PopUps in any space for us to promote our own business’s and work together in the future.

NYC. new World Trade Centre
NYC. new World Trade Centre

Breakfast was at Chelsea Market a cool urban warehouse that had been converted by the Jameson Group into a indoor artisan market retail space.
In it are charcuterie’s, bakers, PopUp designer clothes sales,cookie stores. Cheese, wine etc.
I ate a cheap and cheerful breakfast at Amy’s Bread

$5 breakfasting at Amy's Bread delicious coffee and croissant
$5 breakfasting at Amy’s Bread delicious coffee and croissant

So my tourist budget is zero with this in mind and I set off to discover a bit of New York and see a few attractions along the way .
Fortunately my hotel was based directly on the Hudson River which had a full walkway into the city of Manhattan

NYC is a collective of 5 boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island.
There are 3 bridges that connect the Manhattan island to the other boroughs- Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsburg my guyaun taxi driver taught me that (BMW to remember it!)
Louise had told me the Staten Island Ferry was free and went past the Statue of Liberty so I decided this was a good route to take to see the iconic statue, so final destination set I would see what was inbetween the route.

The route took me through the Highline a renovation project of a Highline railway that had once circumnavigated the city at one point, been dormant for 50 years and a section has been restored to a parkway a great space and used by a lot of tourists.
This allowed me to pick up the Hudson River Walkway and see some great sights, the water and the rest of the city over the water, autumn is NYC is very magical subtle weather and beautiful leaves, the water walk was really pleasant and it brought me out to the 9/11 Memorial sight.

This was a poignant pause in the stroll, the sight is overwhelmingly larger than I had anticipated and the Reflection Pools which there are 2 North and South, really do their name sake role: they force a reflection and thought , consideration of what happened and the huge loss of life. Part of me does find this group morbid fascination strange, but contradictory understandable too. The massive loss of life, now embodied in this memorial space, a place allocated for the people left behind, commemoration, grief space, identification of each individual lost, there names etched for eternity around the sanctuary of the flowing water I found it peaceful and also calming, affirming appreciation of what we have.

The memorial is an integral part of the city and it’s history and the native New Yorkers do talk pre and post 9/11, it is a different place, from what I’ve been told now than before the tragedy and for most the safety of the citizens is a priority which can only be good.

I did a short video to hopefully show the vast size of the pools, I didn’t talk through it out of respect for those who are remembered here.

My journey after the memorial sight took me back down to the waters edge and head to the Staten Island Ferry, queuing to get on board with a mixture of locals and tourists, Facetime’d my husband as the free ferry sailed past the Iconic Statue of Liberty which demonstrates for many the rich history of all the immigrants, forefathers who landed at New York harbour to start new life’s, it’s also symbolises the youth of USA this very young country.

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After my little ferry jaunt getting and arriving in Staten Island and immediately walking through the terminal to get the 25 minute boat ride back. I headed over to meet Louise , eat and go see the site where we would be holding the PopUp event on Saturday at Redhook, Industry City meeting up with Julios Louise’s friend who would be assisting us at the event.

Food first we ate a cheap delicious late lunch meal from a street vendor $7 for a lamb bryani and samosa, Louise having a a Kathi roll which she hadn’t had before ( a Indian version of a tortilla we surmised ) appetite sated we headed over to our unique site.

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The site is extremely impressive and will make another great demonstration of how to create a PopUp in any space, as a happy formidable team we set off dinner at Frankies and my final night at The Jane Hotel
Day 8 draws close and it’s time to move sleeping location and see more of NYC

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