UK/USA The Taste Winners Diary : Day 6 NYC.


Our NYC event on Saturday 8th November
Our NYC event on Saturday 8th November

I’m  playing catch up attempting to make sure I keep the daily diary, so as I spent a relative amount of time on the air thought this would be a relative short post, seems I can write a lot about what I did in a short space of time!

I have been focused on making sure I get the photo evidence of my daily adventures so got lots to add and write about.

Day 6 was a travel to NYC day an early start , on reflection it’s been just a plethora of early starts as my body clock has not reset so I’m in a perpetual catch up situation, which I now realize will not be restored till I’m back in UK.
My flight was at 915am and with rush hour traffic anticipated on a Monday morning had a taxi booked by Louise at 615am. We had a late night after our Petit Trois meal so I had a couple of hours sleep, packed still unsure why my case is so heavy as I really haven’t packed a mass of clothes, have added my LA Olive oil to the weight to now!

The LA Taxi run to the airport was actually seamless without hitting any big traffic jams we got there bright and early and by 7am I was checked in and relaxing in the lounge. I grabbed coffee and a skillet omelette from a LA chain called Lemonade ( organic, healthy -ish, local producers ). Did a few emails that needed catching up on and headed to my gate. Before I knew it we were boarding our Delta flight to NYC and I was going to a place I had never been.

My NYC expectations were built on Sex and The City TV in the early noughties , watching with my Bessie, I had my own ideas and desires to what I wanted NYC to be like.

Now as you might have read my early editions of the diary my flight experience into LA was fraught , I had a satisfying flight this time, Delta plane definitely had larger seats, my neighbours were delightful, chatty, pleasant and spatially aware, the flight attendees wee possibly the most camp and pleasant, the whole experience restored my faith in aviation travel! I also have to add Delta Airlines have the best ever inflight safety video ever.

We landed ahead of time which is always a bonus. I arrived in NYC with the inclement weather of UK so felt at home !

Tired but happy landed in NYC much better flight
Tired but happy landed in NYC much better flight

I am developing a different type of travel style than I have had before, I was landing in NYC without accommodation now normally this would have me in a complete tailspin , but I do positively respond to my surroundings and experiences and Louise has added a aspect to my state of mind that “it will be ok” and that what will be will be, so stressing about it isn’t worth the negative energy and also by the time I had landed a solution had been found and I was staying at the Jane Hotel in West Village ( cool area) , so destination known I grabbed a taxi and set off.

The Jane Hotel, West Village NYC
The Jane Hotel, West Village NYC

Now the adventure NYC style kicked in I had the best taxi driver ever a British Guyana man who had lived in NYC for 22 years and had an opinion about everything my journey melted away as we discussed the most random subjects ; religion,war, politics, health service, prisons, crime rates, policing , education, green renewable fuels, roads and infrastructure, history of the city, his family and dislike of USA, his background as a serving officer in the Guyana army and his disillusion as an accountant lost his job and is now a taxi driver , economics and finally the layout of the city and urban development we agreed, disagreed, debated, challenged each other and it was truly entertaining and even I amazed myself at my knowledge of the many subjects we discussed, and as I arrived relaxed,happy, and safely in realised I was super hungry.

Driving in from NYC JFK airport skyline- very impressive
Driving in from NYC JFK airport skyline- very impressive

I had chosen not to eat on the plane and glad I hadn’t as I could now explore my surroundings and find somewhere to eat.
I would be doing alone as Louise was flying in later and we were meeting in the morning.

Ship like corridor at The Jane Hotel
Ship like corridor at The Jane Hotel

I checked into the hotel and was impressed with its coolness,the fully dressed bellboys,the original features completely retained , the carpet was a little threadbare and some fixtures needed a little care but it all added to the genuine authenticity of the place, my room was on the 3rd floor and as I walked down the “ship liner’esque ” corridors

I opened my door with my unique key , its mix of old and new an electronic tag with a brass fob for the electrics to the room . My room was a ship liner cabin literally , full floor to ceiling oak lined walls, built in cabin bed with crisp white linen, shuttered windows, a brass rail and hooks ran around the room and underneath the cabin bed storage for cases and belongings, a really wonderful space and then the modern twist was a TV/DVD on the wall. There was no bathroom and that was just down the old fashioned lantern light lined corridor to a black and white tiled shared bathroom with a fabulous large headed rain shower head. It was a glamorous hostel style hotel, and very cheap at £75 a night for a cool hotel in NYC I would recommend to anybody .

So unpacked, refreshed and ready to find food, I had FB messaged Peter Fornatle who was one of the collaborators for our NYC event and the author of the book that was also being launched – Brooklyn Spirits – and he gave me a few suggestions so off I set, with a Puzza place called Kemste in mind but free to find anything.

Light lines streets in NYC West Village
Light lines streets in NYC West Village

I just wandered the streets with utter open curiosity, and just walked, and walked and walked ( understanding that I really have no sense of direction) this was very brave of me. I saw many places to eat and decided on Swine which had a great enticing menu with the Marrowbone starter appealing to me most.

Swine - not good service, walked
Swine – not good service, walked

I stepped into a dark inside with a bright build arrow pointing to a sign to wait to be seated by the host, so I waited and waited and waited , got bored and left! Disappointed as the menu did look really interesting, walked a .little further doe the street and was enticed by a sign that said ” we can’t buy you happiness but a bowl of great pasta can help” so I decided I needed a food hug and stepped into Spasso nSpasso , a warm welcome, immediately sat down in the window seat facing inwards , the table dressing was White linen and brown paper table dressing didn’t know this until I sat down so home of real food style, making me smile , and my seat gave me the perfect people watching positioning in the place.

Delicious Reginetta and ballsy glass of red at Spasso
Delicious Reginetta and ballsy glass of red at Spasso

I was coaxed into ordering a cocktail Ami de spasso- lemon purée, gin, cucumber, without Amero! Was shit, a weak gin, and overly lemon the waiter asked did I like it and said no, so didn’t pay for it : Weezy and Pete wouldn’t have been impressed with it either. So I requested a ballsy glass of red wine and was served a delicious Château du Cèdre Malbec, 2010, Cahors, France.

I ordered to eat, straight to main course as I wasn’t in the mood for starters or desserts wanted that bowl of happiness they had promised on their sign!,

Toasted bread with a cream cheese , lemon and olive oil very good
Toasted bread with a cream cheese , lemon and olive oil very good

So reginetti it was , a beef and pork bolognese with grana padano.
Toasted baguette with cream cheese olive oil and lemon really tasty. Now the food was great, service good and not in your face, but the real entertainment for the evening was 2 ladies who were sat separately at the bar seating in for of me.

Am not sure if this is Inappropriate but they were openly talking loudly In front of me so I couldn’t NOT overhear what they were talking about. They were eating alone, ordered a drink and the other lady said she would have the same and they then began chatting loudly across the bar about dating NYC style. It was an insight into a different world, a sex and the city world- hilarious. Synopsis of their chat ( I did write it down as I sat so it didn’t look like I was actually listening but was I was intently completely rapt by their loudness and intensity and private life details)

Some verbatim bits : really this is verbatim
Lady 1 who later ( an hour later introduced herself for there blessed sake I won’t write their names down!) , “I had a date for 2 days just last week, we slept together, it’s was magical then Halloween came and he just didn’t call. It’s just not rad – NYC is tough really I think everybody is gay, the guy you know we had something,
Everything he said was about being in a relationship he wanted it
On the 2 times we saw each other . I ‘m an actress so you know I’m protective I’m don’t let guys in, but he was so into me,he was talking relationship stuff you know.”
Personally I thought she sounded like a bunny boiling stalker!
Lady 2 said she was a make up artist and also verbatim “Yeah they are all gay I agree ”
Lady 1 carried on to say she has gotten married and it was a disaster we hadn’t lived together before we got married and we ended it not before he took all my bank savings I didn’t realise , he’s married now with a baby you know, she’s not great,not good looking or anything.
My other friends they met same time got married and they worked it out, I just didn’t.
Lady 2 is talking about her ex, they moved in together , He moved out
But they have met up a few times again, you know stuff happens. He tweets me .I told him I needed space .He moved out again. It was mad He freaked . He was an Asshole but you know I kinda keep it going, you never know.

I did miss something about a strip club I was eating!!!! Ah it’s about a friends boyfriend who brought a different girl back to his girlfriends apartment – woo ah. They just sleep together you know ; lady 1 Well you know it happens.

These two must be making this shit up, or am I in a TV show!!!!

I left as they proclaimed “I just want an average guy with a job , Yes a bit of money or old money whatever it works for me ”
Anyway with watching 3 French men chatting at the bar telling off the bartender for not having a wide enough selection of red wine and the ladies conversation my first night in NYC was Interesting to say the least and it lived upto my expectations. Would have been perfect if husband had been people watching with me, an enjoyable pastime

Belly sated I headed back to the my ship like hotel, and lounged until I dozed for a few hours waking at 6 am, to go exploring again……….

My little cabin room at The Jane Hotel cosy, but functional
My little cabin room at The Jane Hotel cosy, but functional

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