UK/USA The Taste Winners Diary : Day 5 THE EVENT!

Today is the DAY , the event is NOW upon us.

LA river Corp event - outside dining PopUp event No1
LA river Corp event – outside dining PopUp event No1

Its rained overnight which is good for the plants but not for us! It seems in LA they don’t react well to rain due its sparsity, and they even give advice on how to deal with it on NPR ( National Public Radio). It was a long evening as Louise just couldn’t sleep that feeling of pre-event tension and being told its going to rain isn’t easy dream material.

It was an early start 6am and as prepping you disrupt your eating patterns. Ryan made us eat breakfast and boy was it good Louise and I shared a cuban sandwich and a toasted sandwich of ham, eggs, cheese and avocado delicious start and great work fodder.went on our rounds to collect all the food, and our goal was to get to the LA River site by noon to check out what or how bad the flooding was on the area we were supposed to be dining on.

Last minute prep done, segment oranges,I always find this therapeutic as its a menial task but get the angle of the knife wrong and your get a poor segment- small things amuse small minds.

Roast walnuts for the salad and roast almonds for the herb butter , chop spring onions or scallions in US. With everything done we set off to check out the River location and what the event would look like.

The rentals turned up, tents, plates, tables, chairs. All the volunteers turned up, all hands on deck as lots of pieces of the jigsaw got put together to make a unique event happen.

We set up with a now provided for tent to cover the diners making it look better and more official eventy rather than looking like a random picnic on the river. The weather then turned on us, a huge cloud came over, rain came down, the wind rose up to pull over and nearly just nearly knock over our cooking station – adding a little extra stress and tension to the situation. Mother Nature was throwing in her special ingrediant and we got through it- keeping us on our toes. I have a calmness in the kitchen that really diedbt exist elsewhere and even in diversity the food comes through.

Everybody worked together to just make sure we could do all we needed to do and get it right.

The hands of time spin fast and before we knew it serving time was upon us and as will all eventing before you now it its time to serve.

All reset and pulling the final touches together the salad dressing, the salad itself, the kale , plating,  heating the food up in the hotbox ready for service, making whipped butter, setting and laying out the table , prepping bread, completing the hor dourves, We had 3 delicious appetisers:

  • Duck Confit with pickled cucumber, persimmon and Valencia orange marmalade,
  • Nam Jim Prawn Skewers
  • Squash Bloom with Herbed Ricotta fritters
  • Fresh Bread on the table served with almond crusted herb whipped butter

Its that magic moment service arrives , guests being wowed by the setting, the dusk sunlight setting behind the mountains, people loving the food, everybody working together like a well oiled machine, perfection in service. It really ran smoothly , everything that should be hot, hot, everything that was cold,cold.

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Rene Kalmar took the most amazing photos so a huge thank you.

This event was truly an amazing experience , and remembering that this was the FIRST EVER dining event at the river and something to be truly proud of. As with any event the collaboration and hard work of a collective of people makes it come together- a huge thank you to Sienna, Ji, Adriana, Tina, Rita, Joanne, Meghan, Rebecca, Ryan, Art, John, Miranda, Omar and of course all our diners. We just found out that Warren Buffet family attended, The LA Deputy Mayor , Food Bloggers Eating LA, Food GPS, WOW we are stoked that we had such a great turnout. Happy Happy Times.

Now NYC here I come flying out on Monday 3rd 6th day adventures! But before NYC a trip to Mentir Chef Ludo’s Petit Trois …..

One thought on “UK/USA The Taste Winners Diary : Day 5 THE EVENT!

  1. The pictures look incredible! What are the bottles in the centres of the tables wrapped in paper?!
    It looks so amazing I’m so proud of you. X
    LOVE YOU. X miss you, can’t wait to sample nam-jim prawns! X

    Liked by 1 person

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