UK/USA The Taste Winners Diary: Day 2

Santa Monica Farmers markets
Santa Monica Farmers markets

Day 2  adventure Stateside and today is venturing out in Downtown LA, Today is all about FOOD, Seeing it, Buying it, Meeting producers, and Makers and of course eating it. start off by going to Santa Monica Farmers Market, checking out whats fresh and what w can buy for table dressing our Dining at Dusk La Rover Corp PopupDinner which is SOLD OUT 50 tickets too-we are super delighted

LA river Corp event - outside dining PopUp event No1
LA river Corp event – outside dining PopUp event No1

Its still dark outsidewhen I wake after my long day yesterday, my body clock isn’t as adjusted as I desire. Its 4 am LA time and I have slept from 10pm so got some time adjustment in. Waking up I get that nanosecond of “what the…” where am I. Have got exceptionally puffy swollen feet- not sure whats going on there then! Drink lots of water today and plenty of walking me thinks to get rid of that.

Street Market life, fresh and meeting the producers brings the food to life
Street Market life, fresh and meeting the producers brings the food to life

As we strolled the santa monica farmers market we did it just the way you should, see whats there and then decided the final hors d’ouevres  menu menu, we agreed on

  • Marmalade made with valencia oranges and persimmon  with duck confit on cucumber
  • Courgette flowers to be stuffed with simple ricotta, herb and fresh lemon zest and deep fried
  • Prawn Nam Jim skewers

This meant we covered any dietary needs to Gluten Free and vegetarian. We also got some other ingredients for the main menu

  • Quince to braise with the lamb shanks,
  • Watermelon radish which i had never seen, a beautiful pink inner
  • Honeydew radish peppery and fiery than the watermelon type so pretty
  • Heritage carrots all colours white, purple, orange ad yellow edible table dressings are part of the styling
  • Kabosha Squash to go with the beans and grilled for extra flavour
Bottom of Santa Monica Farmers Market lies the beach,  you can cycle the whole length up to Malibu
Bottom of Santa Monica Farmers Market lies the beach, you can cycle the whole length up to Malibu

We walked through the market down to the beach area, and just checked out the view and then we realised we hadn’t eaten yet and we were starving so we headed over to the other side of downtown to eat at a infamous LA food truck -Mariscos Jolisco Mexican Fish Tacos and met Louise’s friend G who was an ICU nurse and also a great foodie.





We were fortunate to meet Raoul the owner who told us of passion for what he does, 365 days a year, starting at 9am till 6pm everyday (even Christmas day!), prepping ON the truck all the fresh ingredients, everything he cooks and makes fresh. He told us of the popularity, the queues and how he loves what he does, he has a 2nd food truck now in another part of LA .


His speciality is a shrimp taco which is then fried whole ready to eat and its pretty special. I hadn’t eaten much authentic ( over used culinary word I know), mexican food but I am now a convert and will be doing this when I get home the flavour burst and satisfaction. G went for the super hot Aguachile and I could tell it was hot she was happily sweating! I didn’t brave that far!

I had the Campechana an incredible cold tomato based broth with fresh fish, a seafood cocktail of ocotpus,, oyster, prawns, everything cooked to perfection was a really blow your mind fresh flavours where you tasted every ingredient on its own natural merit ad I also had Tacos de Cameron a full stuffed shrimp taco which is then deep fried- oh my its was delicious , soft full shrimp centre with the crunch of the taco was something you could just eat and eat. WHo needs a restaurant when your serving this food, the experience is made all the better by eating it off disposable crockery either sat on a wall opposite the truck or in a make shift seating area – eating dirty felt great!

We decided to check out the site where the PopUP  and drove to the LA River was going to be and it really was so much more than I expected, a stunning site ON well IN the river, with the impact of what had been arranged realised this was as Louise would say be truly AWESOME.

There it is Hollywood sign! Now tourist bit over back to real life!
There it is Hollywood sign! Now tourist bit over back to real life!

Next stop collecting stuff for the PopUp from some friends  (Sienna, Dallas and Baby Dakota) who’s house was in the hills looking over at the Hollywood sign ( my bit of tourist stuff for the day!) and its beautiful multi level outdoors very cool place indeed.


So as we got hungry again its was deciding what to eat, we chilled at the apartment drinking a couple of local brewed craft beers I had Stone Levitation a malty but with a fruit aftertaste very drinkable and delicious very cold , after driving around and experiencing downtown LA time to relax with and allow the warm evening air to move around us as we chatted about life, loves and just about every topic you can imagine , natural conversation.

Food time again and it was another cherry popping first as we went to Soon Bull Jeep a Charcoal Korean BBQ.

The concept is simple and brilliant you sit at a table that centrally has a charcoal grill in it and above each table is a extractor fan, your BBQ is burning white and ready coals for meat to be grilled on it. Marinaded meats are placed on the grill and allowed to cook and the waiters come turn it, adding a few ice cubes every now and then they serve and keep on cooking the order…..

We had a lot of meat meat Pork, hangar steak, short rib beef and some amazing condiments of pickeld vegetables, miso tomato paste cum sauce, spinach, fresh lettuce, rice  and a lot more its was a dip it and just try it ALL, and aagin I ate with just chopsticks  and to wash it down we shared a bottle of OB beer

Full belly off to bed 1030pm – pass out time.

Another great day in LA, loving it and tomorrow is shopping day getting all those jobs done that are needed to get a PopUp ready ……

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