Popping Up – A Cooks Choice for a Nomadic Life!


Pop Up Restaurant in Others business/SItes to create an instant restaurant
Pop Up Restaurant in Others business/SItes to create an instant restaurant

It means what it says – pop up anywhere.

The phenomena has been taken up not only by food makers, but shops, libraries, events the list goes on, it creates an instant event wherever, whenever.


It was a conscious choice to cook without a restaurant, after winning The Taste UK 2014,Opened the opportunity to make choices about what I wanted to do to make food my career.

Actually to see if I wanted to make food my career, I wasn’t a 20 year old starting out desiring to work the ranks from commis chef to Sous chef, being ordered about by others. I had a huge appetite to know more, learn more, affirm what I already knew, build my confidence more and ultimately feed others but unaware of what capacity and could I combine the commercial career experience with food too??? Well Im still working that bit out.

I knew it would take time, focus and my own PR as with no winning funds, cash or backup plan it really was a suck it and see approach. PopUp works well for this.

Finding sites that allow me to cook in their space, their business can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately I found one local venue, (North West England, Horwich) that has amazing owners and team that truly support our nomadic pop up life.

PopUp Menu 17th October 2014
PopUp Menu 17th October 2014

After another successfulPopUp Restaurant although an eventful one, (we had a power cut for 25 minutes in the middle of service, with no power in the kitchen, and diners sat in the dark! Thank fully all guests were amazingly understanding and helped us find the fuse box. With power restored we resumed service to applaud!)

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I love creating  the seasonal menus, it’s an exciting time cooking nomadically. Its also commercially for now no risk, no site , no rent , no rates just a pay-as-you go style of popping up. I have acquired a great FOH and Kitchen Support Team along the way which makes each event better and better. We pride ourselves in restoring the sites to sanitised, perfection when we leave -looking like we’ve never been there at all.

Playing with menus, new techniques and new flavour combinations, sourcing local suppliers and using British ingredients as much as possible expands my skill, and building my confidence each time.

Happy to say now getting reviews, and here is one of the twitter reviews: Independent review by blogger “Its Grim Up North”

Planning is key though, as much as it just having the concept  slightly illusional feel of Popping Up so the next 3 months are in planning with theme nights done differently- think Cocktails made into food and matched with their drink comparative, Whiskey Menu, Craft Beers, Gin, Scandinavia Nights oh the list goes on…..

The next one for NW England is  25th October , FULLY BOOKED thankfully, and then

Popping over across The Pond to USA PopUps in LA and NYC with the fabulous Louise Leonard (USA The Taste ABC 2014 Winner)


Then off to London to do PopUps and more around North West England, actually wherever Im asked to go or the opportunity arises.
More dates to follow…. I continue to be flattered and thankful that people, book, pay and enjoy my food.  Now to find someone to sponsor me for the next steps!

To join our mailing list email us on or if you have a site we can POPUP in or book me….


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