Gidleigh Park Diary – Day 5 Meringues , Chef and Farewells

Day 5

Woodland View
Woodland View

I’m amazed waking on my final day in the glorious woodland view how time had really just melted away, my 5th day it really has disappeared with a flash.

I’m having a final session on Pastry section today, as I have requested for some insight into their meringue making.I have an event on 15th November (Real Blokes Cancer Charity at Stoke Nayland) and I wanted to make sure I had the best method possible for my pre dessert course!


Mini Meringues for Strawberry Dessert
Mini Meringues for Strawberry Dessert

As you can see my piping had some erratic moments but got some top tips from Chef Amy with the height , angle, temperature of meringue when piping that all aided in me up-skilling on piping and meringue making. I helped with service and moved around the kitchen saying hi and byes throughout the day.

One of the wonderful things about the kitchen etiquette is there welcomes and farewells, the team have a welcome handshake and they always say hello to everyone and goodbye to everyone its really nice to see and it also sets a standard and attitude and atmosphere, I finally learnt the wrist knock and fist thump by day 5 in time for my farewells!



I have been fortunate to have learnt so much and covered so many different recipes, some basics with added twists, process, techniques, organisation, all added to my armoury of kitchen knowledge but also to have my knowledge and understanding of process, application,  organisation, commerciality also my ability endorsed by what I already know and do  is also a huge relief.

Some of the things I was fortunate to make ( not all from scratch but have the recipes so will be making myself at home or coming at a popup soon!)

  • Gnocchi, Jus Gras, Curried Carrot Soup, Quail Eggs Canapé, Lobster Mousse, Emulsion, Apricot, Apple, Raspberry, Pistachio Sorbet, Garlic Confit, Provencal crust for Meat, Bean and Mange Tout garnish, Pickled Cucumber, Wasabi and Curry Mayonnaises, Honey and Soy Sauce, Jasmine Puree, Arancini, Candied Nuts, Mushroom Vinaigrette, Hollandiase Sauce ala Gidleigh, Spiced Caramel, Foams, Jellies all soft fruits, Creme Patisserie, Parfait- Cherry and Milk Chocolate, Mousseline, Souffle- Pistachio and Prune & Armagac, Meringues

As the day and week drew to an add my finale was to sit down with Chef (Michael Caines MBE  himself) and have chat about the week. Michael was truly inspiring, his natural style, his knowledge was just wonderful to hear, his focus and his attention to detail. We talked intensely for an hour or so and I hopefully regaled my thanks enough for a truly wonderful experience and Chef said he would mentor me too- wow bowled over and I must have been okay as I asked to come back and he said yes!


I also need to say a huge wrist thumping  fist punching Thank you to :

Michael, Alistair, Mike, Jordan, Dan, Joe, Jack, Amy, Andy, Olly, Stephen, Jacob, Fran, Joseph, Stefan, Ian, Sally, and all the Gidleigh team who made me feel so welcome Thank you and see you all again soon.

If I have missed anything out or anyone let me know and I will make sure I do an update, so much happened and was done over the 5 days I know I will have missed somethings out!

Now off for the next food adventure and its good….USA here I come 

Collaboration with Louise Leonard US winner of The Taste 2014 ABC  @World Of Weezy
Collaboration with Louise Leonard US winner of The Taste 2014 ABC
@World Of Weezy





IMG_5086I highly recommend the Sittaford room  for its size, and also views, and glorious bathing options too- great after a day in the kitchens to return to the sumptuous comfort and relaxation the room offered I have felt truly gracious, and honoured for the whole experience at Gidleigh as I got both experiences one as a guest and one as a stage in the kitchen and both were ones that have truly made a positive impact on me.  Book Gidleigh Park 

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