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If your a regular to this blog you will know that I have been doing various foodie events- from cooking bespoke food parties in your own home as @HomeChef,Festivals, demonstrations across all varieties of business, commercial catering events  and of course the  PopUps Restaurants  in some very varied venues from Cellar Vaults, to Farmyards to the Cowshed!

Chill at cowshed sign Cowshed interrior icecream

I have now found a local renovated butchers – by day a superb high quality Ice Cream Parlour and each month I will be holding adhoc dates for a PopUp Restaurant there…. PopUp@The Cowshed!

Saturday 13th September was the day .It was a double booking day, Popping up twice in Horwich
First Popping up at celebration for the local business that was 55 years old and I was working in the beautiful kitchen showroom on the 1st floor doing demonstrations and a lot of canapés throughout the 11am-3pm times.

horwich carpets photo


We had Keema Baby Gem Wraps, Asparagus & Paramsan Twiglets, Watermelon Pizza( with feta, Pea and mint puree and pea shoots), Sticky Toffee Pudding Pies, Mini Chilli Chocolate Cake, Triple Lemon Drizzle Cakes and i did demonstrations throughout making, prepping and giving my personal take on cooking! Always good for a listen I entertain myself like talking on the radio show I can waffle on about food – the engagement was amazing from the customers and I served over 500 canapes!

It was a mad dash over to the kitchens to get the finishing touches and prep done for the PopUp. Now a day of firsts, it was also the first time I had left my very competent and able Sous Chef Chris on his own working through the prep. This was a big one for me and him as I had relieved control over to him, and he was as nervous knowing my expectations and standards. He did a great job and it allowed for the double booking day to run very smoothly.

Menu for 13th September 2014
Menu for 13th September 2014

The PopUp Restaurant had sold out in 4 hours so we knew we had some high expectations to deliver too and boy we made sure everyone had a great feast.

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Delightfully we have a great Front Of House Team who deliver the high standard of “Debbie” service who looked after our 30 guests extremely well and serving the matched wines to really boost the whole experience and also the compliment the food (We use a local vitner

Now Im a carb queen and a huge lover of a great bread so I decided we would actually now have bread courses with our menus and whip up our own flavoured butters to really tease the taste buds – our selection this time was Beetroot and Black Pudding with honey butter and Parmesan and Red Onion bread with Roasted vegetable butter , and a Zucchini bread this time we used there is also a superb baker in Bolton who creates some delicious arrisan loaves

We experimented with an idea I saw James Sherwin, (The Taste UK Ludo team Member), I saw his photos in one of his PopUPs in Shrewsbury using the bottle as a carrier for the soup and also putting the smoke in the bottle so as its poured it smokes the soup and adds that extra flavour – and it worked a dream.

A real delight to make as it had such a layer of flavours Roasting the Pork Belly with Lancashire Honey and then braising it with a maderia rich sauce which was reduced down for the jus (Gravy in Bolton!), and some truffle oil and freshly grated into the liver mousse to complement the pork, a vanilla poached pear then pickled with raspberry vinegar to add that cut into the soft pork belly and then the carbs added with buttery fondant soft and crisp potatoes and to just dd that final flavour cabbage and bacon in 2 ways as a puree and as it comes. For me this was my favourite course and would have quite happily sat with the guests and eaten it with them!

Now after all that bread and 2 courses I decided to really clear the diners palettes and made a light sharp cucumber, gin and lime sorbet and we served it as a shot so it was a cool hit on the mouth preparing it for the finale of

Now as I have said the CowShed is a Ice Cream Parlour by day so it had to be part of the menu and I made a Browine Baked ALaska with Melon and Ginger Icrecream , a light sweet strawberry and scottish raspberry coulis simply dressed with brownie crumb

So after all that and the wine it was over to Coffee and Lavender Shortbread and hometime

A truly wonderful day and counting down to the next ones!

October 17th 2014 PopUp booking link
October 25th 2014 PopUp booking link

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