You never know where you will end your day!

So I have a mad busy week, Bolton Food Festival, Media Drop Parcels for said festival, huge corporate event, and demos, cooking schools and more so a busy 10 days….so when I got the opportunity to have a child free evening and The Scottish Husband is driving away for a night and day of work in Edinburgh and invites me along , what do I decide to do- continuing my theme of saying yes, I said yes of course I will go with………………………

Taken from the Edinburgh History website

Edinburgh is my soul city, I truly believe it, it’s rich Edinburgh history , it’s diversity, it’s staggering beauty, it’s accent , I get a feeling about it that I have only ever felt in Barcelona ( I’m not particularly well travelled and this is a goal of mine to be exploring food across every continent aka Antony Bourdain stylie ) but I know what I feel and ……….

I ❤️Edinburgh very much.

So this is a post of not recipes, just ramblings about a stunning city and some amazing places to stay, eat and just walk …just walk the city from GrassMarket to Edinburgh Castle, to the commercial Princess Street and Royal Mile to the offshoots hilly streets which hold a treasure chest and a pandora collection of amazing troves of delight from eateries, to galleries to boutiques independent ( double entered in the current pre vote !) free suppliers, creators, innovators of all aspects of life.

taken from

I am lucky I know I am, truly lucky to do what I love and have a freedom. I have haters as we all do, people that aspire to see you fall down and never get back up I choose to ignore and embrace how lucky I am to be able to do what I do ( after 44 years of planet earth life I feel I’m finally getting it!) Anyway enough philosophising let’s get down to some great places in this gorgeous City


So in my journey in effervescent Edinburgh I was working (promise!) I was searching for the right packaging for my media drop parcels ( these are a package that will contain my STTP ** , special STTP** sauce and a Golden Ticket for the PopUp launch ,


bolton council have given me the opportunity to promote the Bolton Food Festival 2014 and I’m excited to be able to offer something unique packaged and represents me too so it has to be right. I visually knew what I wanted and how I should look, now to find the box….after walking the hilly streets finding Uniqiue eaterie and coffee houses and checking out there packaging – stopped at Dovecot Studios, The Edinburgh Larder who didn’t have any spare BUT had my vision of the right box and were VERY helpful! lovely environments, busy, bustling with diverse collection of customers appreciating their homemade food


I finally stopped by Stay Central which was holding a street food festival and FREE Edinburgh Fringe. festival venue and this place was COOL …something I’m not but I still felt very comfortable and loved the place AND they had the box! So after a happy chat with the management they sold me the 20 I needed ……and then off I set my merry way happy ….just around the order as I entered GrassMarket I got accosted ( nicely) by 2 fringe comedians and was coerced to go watch them……guess what I said YES of course. So in my happy “boxed up” mood I set off towards a back street pub to watch the.


Being a bookworm I stopped by the beautiful Golden Hare Books and bought (its compulsory) a cookbook


So to add to my little day adventure work done check- embrace Edinburgh check ….



I then decided I would scribe this Little Jolly for all to read and came across a fabulous little industrial looking cafe The BrewLab and I entered into a beaten, battered interior ( made to look that way but done very creatively) which had a throng of customers of every age group, diversity, local and foreign mixed ….and stayed to write this post I’m now caffeine’d out and heading back to the too corporate hotel to collect The Husband after his laborious day and regal my adventures one more time!

There is so much to see in Edinburgh I’ve decided I will return one day to make it home but for now I will remain being the happy lapsidasical tourist loving every corner I turn and find a new treasure

So I have to stay keep saying YES is truly the way to go……

**STTP = Sticky Toffe Pudding Pie and heres the Recipe


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