A year of saying YES….

I decided that after wining The Taste UK that I would say YES to everything food related and boy has that kept me busy!  20140811-161856-58736543.jpg

My YES period started end of March 2014 and with 5 months passing since winning The Taste My commitment to say YES to all food related opportunities Has seen me do many fabulous foodie things ( and my list keeps growing)

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  • Radio Host with my own fortnightly Food Show ( local community 96.5FM Bolton  radio, love it)
  • 1st recpie officially published in the media
  • PopUp restaurants done 7 now
  • Stasi at Michelin star restaurants ( one more to come, lesson here for me is I need to be the boss, not a cog, these are amazing machines at work and great lessons learnt on many levels how NOT to let others know your point if view being one of them!)
  • Judge at cake fairs and charitable eventing  and being auctioned done a lot of these!
  • Judge at The International Cheese Fair,
  • Demonstrations for BBQs at county fairs several – thrown in at the deep end my style , brilliant events and great learning a for achieving audience participation and engagement .
  • HomeChef in some very exclusive homes, and Ibiza coming up too!
  • Cookery Schools and Cooking Demos with kids and adults alike .
  • Up and coming Bolton Food Festival over 200k people coming to this national event ( demos, judge, and gala dinner course with Michael Caines and Andrew Nutter)
  • Charity Dinner course chef ( Paul Heathcote and Real Blokes Cancer Relief)
  • USA PopUps in LA and NYC with Taste USA Louise Leonard
  • Creation of my 1st cookbook and new concept bagged
  • And on top of all this I’m training for Ironman 2016 and got a long way to go!
  • Catering events I have been doing too for many different clients private

And so much more foodieness to come……

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And NOW I have a home where I will be cooking from, I have the opportunity to work alongside Chill@TheCowshed in Horwich a luxury Icecream parlour that has a barn and a cowshed renovated for me to do regular pop up restaurants, events, cookery schools, private eventing, tasting and some truly exciting outdoor/indoor events.



We will be holding an exclusive invite only event to start ( it’s that excuse to hold lots of food food parties!) then the official opening night.

After all that excitement I will be opening weekly to start.Building our trading through time and making sure we get it right before we move on – lessons are only lessons if you learn come them.



I want it to be different from what is currently on offer and so it shall:

1. The restaurant will be a fixed set menu only

2. It will be pre booked only

3. An intimate number of covers creating a very unique location with a Twist on the traditional the bit I love the most

We will then be building our trading times to weekend breakfasts and all our exclusive events Cookery schools, private events, tastings and focusing on UK/local producers using our indoor and OUTDOOR space in a way that’s not done normally! I will keep you all posted and truly love hearing your thoughts so post away !


oh and ps with a home PiePost will commence too!

PiePost coming .....

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