60 Day Challenge

2016 , actually 718 days and counting,

(from the day this was published 4th August 2014)

 Day 1, Week 1

all other updates and posts will be under the main menu (60 day challenge)

2016 will see me completing an Ironman UK Challenge, as someone entering into their 44th year and not particularly fit ( well actually very unfit and actually 70lbs overweight) this is a huge goal and driver for me.

(My husband is doing Ironman 2015 so this is also dedicated to him)

Im very determined and also making it very public means I have the motivation ,( and the shaming! a part of my motivation techniques- im not a pat and praise more head down and not to fail kind of person),  to achieve all my goals, the training starts with a 60 day Insanity Challenge, High Intensity training using your own body weight and its a tough class, minimum of 6 sessions per week and then throwing in some swimming, running, spinning and by 2015 I will start outdoor cycling and outdoor swimming to really get the gears ramped up. 2014/15 focus is weight loss driven to ensure that i am at the optimum weight to truly achieve the goal of completing the Ironman

This section will focus on a more clean recipes that I will be making and also my weight loss/training progress blogs and inspirations I get along the way

I am training with the V1ntage team based in Bolton  (my local town ,Knowsley Street , check out their website http://www.V1ntage.co.uk

So here is my first recipe
I’m going with the Secret to eating healthy and nutrition is Taste and Flavour
And remembering fat isn’t bad for you if it’s the right fats
Think natural, think unprocessed , think ingredient list if it’s got a list if ingredients in it it’s not good!

Breakfast Frittata

 Calories 170 (excl coconut oil with this good oil add 30 calories)‪#‎day1‬

2 portions ( eat now / save later!)

Time to make – 7/8 minutes includes the chopping too! (Tip top pre chop your veg and store in tubs in the fridge , also great crudités snacking too!)


3 full eggs lightly whisked
1/2 avocado ( Top Tip to save the other half & stop it going brown turn upside down in bowl of cold water and leave in fridge till you need it, )
100g raw fresh spinach
1/2 shallot finely chopped
1 clove garlic grated
1tsp coconut oil ( you can just use water or a very good non stick pan too)
1/2 courgette
1 full tomato
Salt and pepper pinch
1tsp smoked paprika
Lemon rind grated ( 1/2tsp)


How to

1.Dice all vegetables into small pieces ( easier to eat and quicker to cook)
2. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper and 1 tsp smoked paprika
3.Put coconut oil/ tsp water in frying pan allow to heat
4.Put in all vegetables and grate garlic in the pan, allow to cook for 2-3 mins
5. Pour in eggs and stir so vegetables covered
6. Allow to cook for 2 minutes
7. Put under grill and allow too to set about 1-2 minutes
8. Slice the avocado, grated lemon rind over
8. Cut into frittata into quarters and serve as a wedge , stacked or just eat out the pan!
9. Serve with avocado ( and if you like heat a little splash of Tabasco)
Frittata sits well in the fridge and delicious cold so you can snack later

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Any comments , inspiration or just feedback please feel free to comment


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