I’ve Been Around the World …….in 140 days!

 “must be sang in a Rochdale twang aka Lisa Stansfield stylie”

Image courtesy of www.mapsofworld.com
Image courtesy of http://www.mapsofworld.com
Image courtesy of http://www.mapsofworld.com

If you don’t know the song here it is, my era of music as a teenager, loved Lisa Stansfield

Okay so I might have used a little poetic licence in my title about being around the world in 140 days  my posts have been seen over 5,000 times across 65 countries– thats a wow from me.

As I learn more on on who is reading and seeing my view of life its truly astounded , amazed, flattered me that what I write maybe of interest and read by so many ,and I have been around the world virtually , so this post is a THANK YOU note and letting everyone that has bothered to click, read or comment  that its TRULY APPRECIATED.

I started this blog as my voice from my foodie adventures, recipes and also a historical blog of events and things achieved ( as I have a very poor memory and this is great for reflection).

The blog came to life on 22nd January 2014 and at no point did I have :

  1. Any expectation of it being read
  2. The enjoyment I would get from writing it
  3. An element of discipline in having to post something as a momentum for my writing and also of writing recipes ( as a cook I don’t weigh much and use my initiative so writing down the recipes has been challenging, testing and really fun )
  4. The new network of virtual and “real” friends that it has created

So a huge big Thank you from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU,  I have been “read” all around the world over 5, 000 times  , let the journey continue -somebody out there in the vast (and also small world) has read my little blog and made my day.

Read around the world 140 days !
Read around the world 140 days !

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