PopUp Restaurant Broughton Hall Estate

Well PopUp means just that PopUp anywhere and the latest was at Broughton Hall stunning walled gardens event Utopia
(check out Broughton Hall Estate)
We had a full house and the weather was truly glorious, basking sun shining through the glass of the Utopia building as we prepared for our diners

It was a delightful menu and some testing of the War Of Roses bringing the Lancashire Cheese from Dewlays for my Lancashire Cheese ice cream perfect for the balmy summer evening

So here’s the full menu

After each course was a sorbet
First sorbet was Cucumber with Lemon Verbena and lemon Zest
Second was Raspberry and Basil

Also served All you Knead Bakers (Based in Botany Bay, Chorley) breads -Zucchini with my homemade whipped honey butter and Rosemary & Thyme bread with another homemade whipped butter of Chilli and Fennel


All our wine was supplied by T Wrights Horwich and a beautiful Rich and Fruity Australian Shiraz Fir Starters Chenin Blanc for Mains and a floral dessert wine to bring out the lavender in the dessert – perfect

And the final foodie but was a takeaway of homemade truffles ( although none got that far !)



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