Cooking with Flowers

Great post and agree flowers and some of our forgotten herbs are wonderful additions to most recipes
Chicken with lavender is a lovely dish and also making salads variable with fresh herbs old favourites of mine are summer or winter savoury

Sophie Michell

Summer is well on its way and many gardens will soon be filling up with an abundance of wonderful flowers. Everybody loves flowers; they look pretty and smell lovely but ever thought about cooking with them?

Edible flowers are plentiful and so easy to cook with but they are often overlooked. I understand how some people may feel slightly intimidated to cook with them or maybe feel it’s too elaborate, but there are so many amazing tastes and flavours to be gained from using them.

Different flowers can be sweet, bitter or even salty; adding a fresh, new dimension to your food. So try infusing your dishes with a little floral flavour by trying some of my favourite flowers;


One of the most popular flowers to cook with. Lavender is perfect in sweet dishes such as mousses, scones or shortbread because of its strong floral essence.


These have…

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