The Rendezvous!

I’m sat in the car amidst the hazy lazy sunshine in the cosmopolitan Northern Quarter in Manchester, waiting to collect some wild garlic from a fellow twitter, an offer I couldn’t turn down fresh plucked wild garlic to cook with offered up as they had a plethora of the wild stuff, so here I remain squeezed between a colourful open windowed karaoke bar with “gentleman john” ( named by him not be may I add!) blurting out an off key Sinatra Under My Skin and the foodie side of the trendy eateries and the uber cool Supermarket where my deal of wild garlic will be passed to me from someone I’ve never met but has a fabulous pseudonym on twitter ( Northwest Nosh) and I hope they recognise me as I never asked the alumni to be worn as a cortege of recognition!

Also understanding that twitter is becoming my little own ingredient source hub, I requested support from said twitter’ees as I needed pigs blood for a Chef Ludo blood pudding ( recipe tomorrow) and it was sourced kindly and collected again ….gotta love the world of twitter foodies a great virtual fraternity that’s becoming non virtual daily.

Anyway off to cook meat meat meat and more meat after my collection with Drunken Butcher who has entertained us previously with his delicious food and now I’m cooking with him as his guest sous chef!

Anyway full updated post later tomorrow and updates with recipes so that I can build my catalogue download from brain to paper!


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