10,080 Minutes Later After A TV Win

Delighted to have met Michael again at NRB Manchester, AND he remembered me!
Delighted to have met Michael again at NRB Manchester, AND he remembered me!

7 Days ….A week later?

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So I had always wondered, a mild curiosity,  after a TV show how the machine works behind it?

Well now I had the opportunity firsthand to find out, a week after the official TV aired win, ( although I won in October 2013 and have had to keep schtum till now), I am living the reality of what happens and in succinct form its everyman for themselves. DIY – get out there and do /get what you want.

The Taste Channel 4 page

I didn’t win a prize I won a show.

I am told I will eventually get the trophy that was handed to me  although a week later still no trophy- fingers crossed I will get it soon. I did however recieve some goodies: Team Ludo monogrammed Beige Debbie Apron,A The Taste Spoon, My personal Spoon again monogrammed presentation slate, A very beautiful knife roll with 3 Wusthof knives. ( And apologies The Taste UK I also robbed The Taste mug)

I love all my goodies and I truly entered without ever asking if there was a prize!


The prize is winning, fair enough, and the platform and spring board created by just being on the show has exceeded all my expectations.

I do find the recognition peculiar, strangers that know your name and a familiarity with it too which I go along with as i think I’m as uncomfortable as they are!

The activities in the last 7 days, ( or the 168 hours that have passed or the  10,080 minutes that have been filled), has been manic.I have to say a huge thanks to Events DLC Management (Bolton Based) 2 incredible ladies (Lisa and Claire)  and also We Are Indigo PR (lovely Gemma) who have had a bundle of belief and passion in me assisting in booking and supporting me….and a very big thank you to my little fam (Dave, Betty, Scraps, Moo and Bessie Bales, and dear Claire Bear!)

So what have we achieved and what is happening ….hold on to your seats is a fast one …..

  • My pop up event booking confirmed in my hometown Bolton,
  • My 1st ever cooking demonstration, booked and confirmed
  • My 1st external mass catering events over 1600 canapes!
  • HomeChef bookings in some prestigious homes
  • “Pimping” me out to local restaurants where I have devised my own menu and cook with them and so much more

Then working myself, and I’m not PR and this is a brave new world out there I  have confirmed and booked and am actually quite proud of myself.

  • I’m doing pop up restaurants every month – and popping up everywhere -keep an eye out got some amazing venues
  • Im working with James Sherwin from the show and Kalpna Mistry check out this website for one of them my April 3rd event  www.broughtonhall.com doing 60 covers per event.
  • I’m starting to do “stages” in some big restaurants from April too over 5 months , 1 week per month- as i said I have had to work hard to get this “stages” in prestigious kitchens they don’t get paid gain unforgettable, unique learning experiences and if I can put up with Chef Ludo shouting at me then nothing is going to be that bad is it! Lucky enough to be going to

St Johns Michelin Star ,
Gidleiagh Park Michael Caines 2 Michelin Star
L’enclume Simon Rogan Michelin Star Murano Angela Hartnett Michelin (Gordon Ramsay Protege),
The Berkely and Pierre Koffman 

  • Cookery Lessons I doing these one or 2 days a month this will be atWellBeing Farm (Bolton)
  • Writing a cookbook – well 2 actually- one that will be mine and very unique and the other  just linking up with another chef for one of them
  • Writing columns in magazines, newspapers etc so that i can again get my name out there and lots of interviews.
  • Going to the US of A and cooking over there in October- This is a biggie and super fabulous…will keep updating about it a little pop up in LA and NYC. Oh yeah!
  • Getting a site in Bolton town for a mini Delicieux , got to have coffee and cake somewhere! Now need to get the right site, the right feel and make it happen sooner rather than later.
  • Working with the Bolton Council on Bolton Food Festival (Bolton Food Festival home page)
  • My own show on Bolton FM (Bolton FM 96.5)
  • Going to Londontown to meet some very special people (Finalists themselves!)
  • Londontown is also the locale of agents  so i’m popping down to meet some of them too, and I’m also cooking for some lovely people  (they know who they are!)
  • Designing a burger for Solita –  ( Solita Manchester) its going to be for Charity so super happy and thanks to Franco for letting me do this

Doing my damndest to get my name out there and build a GREAT reputation with my food on a plate, bowl and even a spoon.

If you add this weeks activity to the stuff I’m already doing I wont be going quiet for quite a while!

My Final thoughts are in the last 10,080 minutes of my life I have crammed in as much as is humanely possible,  I’ve met some amazing people in the shortest period of time and if life keeps going this way I will continue to be surprised and flattered, humbled and grateful for everyday.

The one thing I know I’ve won and its the best prize is self belief, confidence and drive to get out there and do it myself.

Heres to another fine week in the world of food

Loving life


To name a few other business’s supporting me or I them are:


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