Jackanory….Creating a Food Story

choc cake and peanut butter

Chefs/Cooks to me are Authors,creating a story through food.

Making, following a recipe, creating your own food is a story…its a story of characters (ingredients), put together that each of their personalities,( flavours), come to life, they add their personal stamp create their own story in front of you, without the need for pages, the dish set before you is the front cover and the food as it is eaten becomes the whole story.

Making something that creates reaction , provocation, astonishment , thought, consideration, and many more come from books and food is just the same.

If it looks and then tastes delicious satisfying the eater in such a way that as with any book the interpretation is totally personal. Ever read a book and then talked it through with a friend who has read it too- have you both got different thoughts, feelings, understanding , sensations from the book, it is in the individual


If this creates a desire to read, see food in the written form story or otherwise, my personal Food book references, books that aren’t recipe books but a good food story read well in my opinion, this is a tiny selection of so many amazing books out there.

  • Garlic and Sapphires Ruth Reichel ( the Food Critic again not a cookbook but a great read)
  • Gulp Mary Roach ( a review of eating humorous, intriguing and overall engaging)
  • Any Elizabeth David (my favourite being An Omelette and Glass of wine),  or Simon Hopkinson Book(true cookbooks with the story making it an evocative salivating read as you learn)
  • Food of Love Anthony Cappelli
  • Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain
  • Heartburn Nora Ephron ( not a cookbook at all great food read though)

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