Is that Debbie from The Taste!???

I haven’t put anything about my tv debut, as we are now halfway through is a good as time as any to review the experience and fun, the tears, the cooking the winning , the losing.

Note to reader ; I have the shortest boredom threshold and this comes across in many activities I do so cooking is perfect for me and don’t challenge me to a game of Monopoly! This blog is a super fast overview and in no disrespect of the experience just wanted to give some insights before it’s too late. I will update in detail accordingly ( well when I get round to it!)</


Those that know me you would never have put me on TV, but here I am currently starring alongside cooking heroes and giants of cooking ( if your a true foodie they don’t need intros) but in reality 2 of the 3 are more famous Stateside than in the UK, it’s in its second series in The good old US of A in a very different studio setting , it’s v American and the UK version is very British fortunately.

Is a cookery competition show with a simple and quirky and fast format.
Everything you cook for tasting is presented on a spoon ,so a meal and taste on a spoon, sounds easy. It was a challenge and a fast learning on portion, balance and on flavour intensity ( ah one sees how they came up with the name! )

Your mentor is also your judge and they taste your spoon blind and if they don’t like it you could be going home
So who are the anchors of this new foodie competition I hear you say
Laid back “dude” Antony Bourdain of Kitchen Confidential fame,

French Oui Very French Chef Ludo Lefebvre ( pronounced Le-Feb) Frenchman in LA , Top 50 chefs in the worlds , his restaurant Trois Mec has just won one of Top Ten Restaurants in the world!

And our very own Domestic Goddess who truly need no introduction. Nigella Lawson who is more beautiful , more articulate, more dazzling in real life.


twitteresque 60 words summary

From 25 to 12, Judge/Mentor chosen, Chefludo for me. Guest chef weekly, theme and challenge set, learn from mentor, opportunity to gain immunity! cook for judges/mentor best dish, bottom 3 or go home!

I’m going to cheat as well as a quick immediate insight into the show, a synopsis and great blog has been written by @Felicity Spector from click on
also a brilliant website.

So where do I stand in this very brief overview, well from 5 episodes I have truly had – watch out cliche coming- had a roller coaster !

Super Fast Episode review
Episode 1 I got chose from 25 to 12 and got the delightful slightly bonkers Chef Ludo and was very overwhelmed and become become even more Northern vs his French’ness.

Episode 2 Got best dish with sticky toffee pudding pie with Richard Corrigan as a guest chef and theme of Classics.

Episode 3 Got immunity with Chicken curry pie with Michael Caines as guest chef and in same episode but then delivered a “carry on cooking” episode and got bottom 3 -oops with Ravioli Mac’n’Cheese

bonus here is I got honorary membership to the Scottish Mac and Cheese society , personally think this is a huge win! They saw the show and tweeted for us to go and visit them at their next meeting in Glasgow )

Episode 4 Got best dish with Nam Jim chicken Curry with Yottom Ottolenghi very proud as he is the master of spice and I was as up against skilled spice cooks/chefs in the show.

Episode 5 In bottom 3 , no immunity or best dish but a lot of tears from me. Sorry. The bits you don’t see are a relief as it would have been snot cam with the theme being just too personal for me, really didn’t want to cry but there is a pressure pot and I fell head first into it. This episode was with Ruthie Rogers as guest chef and hand me down recipe as a theme

And so here we are at episode 6 having survived so far, the theme is delightful chocolate sweet and savoury with guest chef Eric Lanlard…… it’s watch this space. See you on TV!

I will also update you on the contestants as they are a truly wonderful bunch and the learning fest came from them as well as my truly genius shouty French mentor. More to follow!!!!!!!

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