Joy of Food! Gourmet Guide to Eating and Cooking

How Often do you Cook? Really Cook?

 Food of the week 2

Cooking, is it a chore or is it a pleasure or is it something you don’t do, “woulda, coulda, shoulda Beverly Knight” concept of cooking. Do you use the don’t have time ethos or do you use cooking to de-stress. Does your palate desire and require fine flavours,quality ingredients or do you prefer the bland or processed flavouring.

I am of the favour of cooking, cooking daily its part of my therapy, bit like exercise but I do actually do the cooking I just never get round to fitting in the exercise routine and if I’m honest i’m not highly opinionated if you choose not to cook or cook. I just know what I like, what i want and I don’t want a ping of a microwave, cardboard tasting and sensation feeling dinner, I don’t want to read a list of ingredients that are not letters,I want to revel in the names, the origins, the providence ( bit fancy pancy currently but really knowing where your food comes from is part of the story), the ability to link other ingredients, create a new recipe, add , omit , create a dish that makes you salivate as you prepare.I am currently working on a cookbook and will start by adding a recipes tab from next week to start my recipe rolodex offering to share with you.

Joy Of Food: A Gourmets guide to Eating and Cooking

I get simple pleasure from chopping and preparing ingredients for a dish as much as eating it, I’m writing this and realising this really does border on 1970s Joy of Sex which I have just googled and it was subtitled a Gourmets guide to lovemaking! Something I didn’t know. Well my book would be a Joy of Food , need to add here that this is not about sex just the enjoyment and joy in its simplest terms being gained from cooking …this post is going in the wrong direction completely!

joy of sex book cover for blog

Lets resume normality …. I must also say that I love eating out, I also like the odd takeaway ( if I know the owner and they know me!). I have had many dodgy meals I would prefer to forget, some questionable night out eating and all add to the Joy of Eating and Cooking. please do experiment , get it wrong, be confident, make it up, or be precise and follow the recipe, eat out, eat in, just keep trying to use local fresh food, use butter, use salt of the high quality you can afford. My biggest advice is whatever is the main part of your dish use the highest quality of ingredient you can afford and substitute some of the other ingredients for cheaper options, it will transform what your cooking.

Just for information and a bit of self promotion:  I do homechef- which is hire me to come to your home and cook for you , we do bespoke delivery of dinners too (currently only delivered locally North West/Lancashire/Greater Manchester) – our version of a ready meal, home-cooked, ready to eat or freeze, preservative free and full local ingredients listed  and also cookery lessons in groups in your own home, bespoke packages and set packages available .
(contact us on for any enquires)
We are also doing POP-UP restaurants our next one in Broughton Hall  Estate, Broughton, Skipton, Yorkshire. On April 3rd (tickets available from

Food of the week 3

Insight into next post…….Food Education – I’m on my soap box….

One thing I am passionate about to the extent of soapbox stylie, tannoy using, flag waving, placard making, is that children should be fed home cooked, natural, unprocessed food , education of children on food is critical, obesity for some is medical but we can make a difference for our children, as an adult they make their own choices our role is to give them the options to chose and cook …but this is another post to come and one I am happy to argue my case

I have no intention to antagonise or create battle just like to hear the opinions of others, their views, their thoughts it grows your mind and makes you think a little more which I personally find a growing experience. You may you may not , who am I just a food obsessed lover of cooking and the pure ecstasy of eating lovely real food.

food of the week

Reference or for discussion listen again

Radio 4 had a truly great review of food , ready meals, from the Radio 4 Food Programme , February 3rd, or use BBC radio 4 listen again and see what thoughts this provokes if any?

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